Support for Rad Studio XE3 is Now Available in DACs, dbExpress Drivers and Virtual Table

Devart announces that RAD Studio XE3 is now supported in new versions Data Access Componens, dbExpress Drivers and Virtual Table.

Prague, Czech Republic, September 26, 2012 --( Devart Team is glad to introduce users to the new versions of Data Access Components, dbExpress drivers and VirtualTable.

The above mentioned products now support the latest Rad Studio XE3 Development Environment, including Delphi and C++Builder. Devart Data Access Components and Devart dbExpress drivers will help developers to produce up-to-date applications for working with databases, using the newest
technologies, such as FireMonkey FM2 and LiveBinding.

Devart engineers have also supported Windows 8 Metropolis UI style, that allows users to create native applications for the newest Windows 8 with both classic style and Windows 8 Metropolis UI style.

In the latest release dbExpress drivers obtained an opportunity to work with Data Explorer. From now on, database development and management, stored data view, became even easier as it can be done directly from IDE.

dbExpress driver for SQLite received two unique capabilities. The first is Static Linking of SQLite library to dbExpress driver, that allows users to fully renounce using sqlite3.dll. When using Static Linking, one gets the built-in database encryption algorithm. No need to spend money on buying expensive SQLite client libraries with support for encryption - when using Static Linking, SQLite Encryption support will be automatically added to the application and will make it possible to use the following algorithms to protect data: AES, Blowfish, TripleDES, Cast128, RC4

Find out more about the new versions here:
– UniDAC 4.5
– ODAC 8.5
– MyDAC 7.5
– SDAC 6.5
– IBDAC 4.5
– PgDAC 3.5
– LiteDAC 1.5
– Virtual Table 8.5
– dbExpress Driver for Oracle 6.0
– dbExpress Driver for SQL Server 6.0
– dbExpress Driver for MySQL 6.0
– dbExpress Driver for InterBase 4.0
– dbExpress Driver for PostgreSQL 3.0
– dbExpress Driver for SQLite 3.0

To provide feedback on the new versions visit Devart forums or send an e-mail. There is also a feedback form in the support zone of every product. Devart Team is always glad to have users' comments and take into account all the development needs.

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Julia Samarska