Off The Grid Living Talk Radio Show Answers Live Questions from Real People

Blog Talk Radio show, Ask Off The Grid Living, devoted to answering off-grid living questions live from call-in listeners. Achieved, on-demand past shows available as a free resource.

Fort Myers, FL, September 26, 2012 --( Robin Speronis, host of Blog Talk Radio's show Ask Off The Grid Living,, announces a live, call-in radio format geared to off-gridders or future off-gridders who want to talk to someone live about their off-grid living questions. Speronis knows from experience the need for a live conversation with real people who have real-life answers to off-grid living questions. Speronis went "off-grid" from the health care system many years ago and now lives off-grid in her RV in the woods of Southwest Florida.

"Many Americans are building alternatives for their power, food and housing needs right now and want to discuss their challenges with a real person who has been there, done that," say Speronis. "The show will address questions from veteran off-gridders to someone just looking to get out of the rat race a little."

The radio show is broadcasted on Blog Talk Radio every Saturday at 10 am eastern time. Listeners may dial-in at 323-843-6066 and ask questions of the host. Past shows will also be available on-line at

Robin Speronis is the owner of Florida corperation Off The Grid Living, Inc. She also writes a blog entitled Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida: One Woman's Story, aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom, Speronis does writing, speaking and consulting work.
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