Gotham Screen Announces First Annual Screenplay Contest

New York based Gotham Screen announces the first annual screenplay contest, designed to find new and exciting writing talent and film scripts.

New York, NY, July 07, 2007 --( Set up by a group of Gotham based producers and productions companies, the newest addition to the international screenplay contest circuit is specifically targeted at up and coming writers who don't have agency or management representation yet but would otherwise have the talent and craft to make it in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

"The form of a screenplay contest allows us to tap into previously undiscovered talent," says festival director Walter Gamper, "and we are hoping to attract the best and the brightest of what is out there."

Gotham Screen recognizes that that not only do writers want recognition for their work - there is also a need for fresh stories and writing talent on the producers and production company side. 'It is a question of supply and demand that works both ways', says Gamper,' but the current system makes it difficult to break through if you're outside the system.'

The Gotham Screen contest hopes to find writers who are serious about their craft and ready to work with producers in further developing their screenplays and stories. 'Development is what the studios do well, and most of the Indies don't, or can't afford to do well, continues Gamper, 'but it is what we are trying to take seriously with the winners of the contest.'

Winning entries in the Gotham Screen contest will be made available to participating producers and production companies, with a view to developing them further and ultimately getting them produced. 'Participation in the Gotham Screen contest is not about winning a prize or getting a certificate, but about giving your screenplay a decent chance to be made into a real project.'

Entries are now being accepted, at and are handled in partnership with

While Gotham Screen is looking for great stories of any kind, they are also
encouraging submissions in the following genres:

Feature: General/ Thriller/ Horror/ Family/ Drama/ Comedy/ Romantic Comedy

Documentary: General/ Scientific/ Biography

Deadlines for submission are:
August 31st (early deadline)
September 15th (regular deadline)

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Walter Gamper