AmertechTowerServices Completes Cooling Tower Rebuild Project for Waste to Energy Plant

AmertechTowerServices, a turnkey cooling tower parts and repair company, was awarded a project to rebuild an eight cell counter flow cooling tower, including replacement of all fill, drift eliminators, and nozzles for a Waste to Energy facility.

Shrewsbury, NJ, September 27, 2012 --( AmertechTowerServices is pleased to announce the completion of a cooling tower rebuild project they were awarded by a Waste to Energy company. AmertechTowerServices repaired the fan deck and completed structure replacements as well as replaced all fill, drift eliminators, and nozzles safely and during the client's required outage window.

Waste to Energy facilities produce renewable energy through the combustion of municipal solid waste, reducing trash volume in landfills and generating electricity to serve homes and businesses. Waste to energy power plants are specially equipped with pollution control for clean emissions and the solid waste used meets strict EPA standards allowing for reuse. Cooling towers are utilized in waste to energy operations in the same way they are used at traditional power generation plants. Cooling towers transform waste heat from plant operations into evaporated water that is dissipated into the atmosphere, allowing wind and air circulation to diffuse the heat.

AmertechTowerServices is a turnkey cooling tower parts and repair company that serves the needs of the power generation and industrial evaporative cooling markets. For this waste to energy facility, AmertechTowerServices performed a rebuild of an eight cell counter flow cooling tower, including repairs to the fan deck and structure replacement. They also replaced all fill, drift eliminators, and cooling tower nozzles within the required outage window for the facility.

Proper cooling tower maintenance keeps towers running more smoothly for longer periods of time, and reduces downtime and repair time. Parts such as cooling tower fill and drift eliminators need to be replaced routinely as they suffer from wear and tear and may cause the tower to function less efficiently if not in optimum shape. AmertechTowerServices performs routine cooling tower maintenance as well as unplanned repairs and service, inspections, and full cooling tower rebuilds. They are also a source of OEM cooling tower parts offered at competitive prices.

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