New Software Adds a Brain to Any Website

Sitewit introduces its new Engagement Metrics, a set of analytics that makes any website smarter.

Tampa, FL, September 27, 2012 --( Sitewit, a leader in website analytics and pay-per-click (PPC) optimization, is raising IQ levels with the release of Sitewit 3. The new platform revolves around Engagement Metrics, a set of smart analytics that uses advanced algorithms to compute a Sitewit Engagement Index (SWei) score for every part of a company’s website based on visitor engagement. In simpler terms, it gives a website a brain. This is the only set of analytics that provides these measures automatically, right out-of-the-box as a simple java code snippet or WordPress plugin, and can be used by companies of any size.

“My goal is to be the number one analytics and pay-per-click optimization company in the world. I believe Engagement Metrics will get us there. With our smart engine, price point, and ease of accessibility…there’s no stopping us,” states Ricardo Lasa, CEO of Sitewit. Most analytics today simply don’t give enough answers, making for a dumb website. Many “informed decisions” on improving website performance are made based on the approximately 5% of site visitors that accomplish something on a website or, in web lingo, convert (i.e. buy, sign up, download, etc.). Engagement Metrics takes those and the other 95% of site visitors and their actions into account, putting the “website performance” puzzle back together using all of the pieces. With a complete picture, website owners can tell what parts of their website are engaging visitors, driving conversions, and which parts need improvement.

Engagement metrics helped Jamal, the owner of a carpet cleaning business based out of Washington, D.C., make better decisions on how to improve his website. His site’s newfound brain let him know what organic keywords and pages on his website were driving the most engagement from his visitors (not just the most hits). Overall, he has seen an improvement of approximately 50% in leads and sales through his website, all thanks to Sitewit and their Engagement Metrics.

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About Sitewit: Sitewit is a leading engagement analytics and digital marketing platform for Small Businesses (SMBs). It offers Engagement Metrics to help website owners make better decisions and automatically optimize their marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, and display. Sitewit uses its own patent-pending big data analytics engine and evolutionary algorithms to measure engagement, predict conversions, and optimize paid search campaigns. For more information, visit
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Andy Montoya