GeoCraze Debuts Mobile App for Sharing Location-Based Updates and Photos

First application of its kind that integrates geospatial information with social media in an innovative approach

Boulder, CO, September 27, 2012 --( Capturing and sharing life’s precious memories with one’s community is now incredibly easy thanks to the newest app integrating geospatial information with social media. Introducing GeoCraze, a web and mobile application for iPhone™ and Android™ smart phones/tablets, that allows users to share images, location, and weather conditions for each Craze they create regardless of where they are in the world.

GeoCraze offers a fresh approach on location-based sharing by enabling users with a way to create a picture diary of various events in their lives. A “Craze” can include photos, text and geographic location displayed on an interactive Google map with current weather conditions. A Craze is an event which connects the user’s social media world through time and space. Users now can easily share all the places they've been and things they've done. Memories like vacationing around the world, concerts attended, marathons ran, mountains climbed and oceans sailed – all these different types of experiences can be recorded and kept for oneself, shared with the world or friends and family.

“We wanted to create a way for people to say ‘Been there, done that!’ with their special moments or their journeys through life,” said Nancy Felix, co-founder of GeoCraze. “Family and community are really important to us, and our app lets people share their lives with their community in a way that’s never been done. This app is really special in the fact that users aren’t just sharing photos, they are sharing their location as well as the weather conditions at the time of the Craze with their friends, fans and followers!”

GeoCraze is the only social media application that will work in a disconnected offline mode. A user simply saves the Craze, and it will upload as soon as the user’s phone enters a carrier or wireless network. So no matter where a person is located, they can share their crazes with their social network. It is integrated with Facebook, so signing in to your account is effortless. In addition, the GeoCraze Web site allows users to view and comment on their Crazes and Friends’ Crazes. The app is available now for download in the Apple® App Store and the Android™ Market.

About GeoCraze
GeoCraze is the first application of its kind that integrates geospatial information with social media in a fresh, new innovative approach. GeoCraze gives you the unique ability to share your images, your location, and the weather conditions of each Craze you created regardless of where in the world you are, hence the logo “GeoCraze - You Are Here!” The name GeoCraze came out of linking the word Geography (location) with Craze (action or trend). With the GeoCraze mobile and web-based apps, everyone from every walk of life can have a personal record of their life’s journeys. People such as journalists, movie stars and missionaries to name a few, can use GeoCraze to share their journey with their friends, fans and followers.
Melanie Moffett