Antonine Sisters School Ghazir Goes Live with Skoolee Management Software

Beirut, Lebanon, September 27, 2012 --( Antonine Sisters School Ghazir went live this year with Skoolee, the school management software system produced and implemented by White Mountain Technologies. Antonine Sisters School Ghazir ended its past school year by using Skoolee to distribute report cards and promote its students.

“Selecting a student information system (SIS) suitable for our school was a delicate task,” reflected Ms. Amal Tannous, ASG’s Program Director. “The selection of such a system is one step in a three-part process. The second part is ensuring that the SIS works for us on the ground, and the third part is that the company providing the SIS delivers and supports us.”

Tannous continued, “We seek sustainability and continuity, and this is our most challenging objective. I would like to point out that with White Mountain Technologies and Skoolee, their school management software, we made a good choice and indeed established sustainability and continuity.”

White Mountain is dedicated to successfully implementing Skoolee and generating the results that the Antonine Sisters School Ghazir had in mind when it first purchased Skoolee. Remarked Mr. Michael Zakharia, managing director of White Mountain Technologies, “We are well aware of the impact that a failed software implementation leaves on the school and us. Wasted resources, instability, and frustration are among its consequences.” For this reason, White Mountain aims to tailor its products to the needs of its clients to better serve each client individually.

“We work diligently to resolve any issues that might impede our efforts,” Zakharia elaborated. “At the end of the day, it feels good when we fruitfully conclude project implementation, go live with the project, and see a smile of satisfaction on our customer’s face.”

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