New Pediatric Dentist in San Diego

All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry Announcing the Provision of a New San Diego Children's Dentist

San Diego, CA, September 28, 2012 --( All Smiles Opens New Pediatric Dentistry Surgery in San Diego

Pediatric dentist, Allen Job, has announced the opening of a new clinic at 7695 Cardinal Court Suite, 250 San Diego, Ca. Known as "All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry," this clinic focuses on the children of the city and its environs to offer a caring environment for children's dentistry in San Diego.

The All smiles Pediatric Dentistry clinic takes the view that it is critically important that the first experience of a child with dental treatment and dentists is a pleasant one. A child's entire future perception of dentistry can be influenced by that first encounter with a dental surgery.

Dr. Job's team currently consists of Erin, the Office Manager and Kelli, the practice's Registered Dental Assistant. Both appreciate the importance of an ambient environment in children's dentistry in San Diego, and will be focused both on the dental health of the child and on helping children to feel comfortable and free of the stress often experienced in a dental surgery.

Dr. Job says: "We have designed our office specifically to meet the needs of children, and our patients are treated as a family. We fully appreciate the importance of a child's first visit to a dentist to be a happy one, which is why we focus on preventative treatment rather than on remedial dentistry."

It is certainly true that the clinic offers a calming atmosphere, with a games room providing a selection of toys plus video games, free Wi-Fi and individual TVs with headphones offering a selection of child-friendly movies.

"Children should look forward to their regular dental check-up," says Erin, "and we do our best to make sure that All Smiles meets the promise of our company name. No child should be scared of dental treatment, and we focus on their comfort and also on keeping them informed. Their first dental experiences are very important and could affect them all their lives."

According to Kelli, "It's important to create a happy and welcoming environment for all our patients, and that the children look forward to their check-ups. We achieve that by being honest with them, explaining everything to them, and preventing them from needing fillings also helps a lot."

Dr Job also caters for children with special health care needs, and works with such kids and their carers to work out a dental care plan suite to their specific conditions and requirements. Such care includes the formulation of preventative care plans, diagnostic and treatment services an also IV sedation in the office setting where appropriate and with the agreement of the carer.

It is not always easy for a new dental service to become established in a large city, but this new children's dentist in San Diego is the real deal, and would prefer that they never had to ever fill a cavity or extract a tooth. If you would rather your kids' teeth were well looked after by a specialist pediatric dentist that focuses on prevention rather than cure, then All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry in San Diego appears to be what you are looking for.

Your children are in good hands with Allen, Erin and Kelli.
All Smiles Pediatric Dentistry
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