Brimhall Eye Center is Accepting Patients for LASIK Eye Surgery

Las Vegas, NV, September 28, 2012 --( Brimhall Eye Center, home of award winning Dr. Brett Brimhall, is excited to announce they are now accepting patients for LASIK Eye Surgery. For those who have entertained the thought of LASIK surgery, they can be assured that LASIK Eye Surgery at Brimhall Eye Center will allow them to have the highest quality LASIK at an affordable price.

What makes Brimhall Eye Center different? It begins with Dr. Brimhall himself. His unique and extensive training have allowed him to offer the highest quality eye care. Dr Brimhall has received awards and high honors for his extensive research. He has also presented his laser-vision research before local, state-wide, national, and international panels. In fact Dr. Brimhall is often called upon to perform eye surgery on Air Force VIPS and generals. He has even performed surgery on a former Surgeon General of the United States. While deployed in Iraq as an eye trauma surgeon, Dr. Brimhall experienced complex and delicate eye surgeries that most eye surgeons will never see in a lifetime. He is definitely an eye surgeon you’d be comfortable and confident in having do your LASIK Eye Surgery.

The Brimhall Eye Center is also unique in the LASIK experience they provide. While some LASIK surgeries are performed with a blade, Brimhall Eye Center uses the superior method of “bladeless” or high precision laser to do the LASIK work. Multiple studies have shown that the final vision is superior to LASIK surgery performed with a blade.

The Brimhall Eye Center also uses the BEST laser to correct your vision. Studies have shown the type of laser used in surgery can make a big difference to your final vision. Brimhall Eye uses the VISX S4 IR laser, the same laser trusted by NASA and the DoD (used for Navy Seals and fighter pilots). Using a less expensive laser results in having vision repaired to the level of basic components found in your glasses. The VISX laser system determines the “fingerprint” of your eye using technology of the Hubble telescope, and then treats it as well. This results in having the potential to have the best vision of your life with these custom treatments.

If you are worried about the cost, Brimhall Eye Center is proud to provide free consultation at no obligation. They offer surprisingly low interest free monthly payments.

To learn more about the Brimhall Eye Center and to see if their LASIK Eye Surgery is right for you, visit or call them at (702) 263-2020.
Brimhall Eye Center
Suzanne McGee