Upshot Commerce Announces Improved Search Integration with Nextopia

Upshot Commerce recently announced new search integration capabilities with Nextopia. This new integration allows users to improve search functionality and increase conversion.

Boston, MA, September 28, 2012 --( Upshot Commerce, a provider of on-demand, fully customizable ecommerce software solutions, recently announced new search integration capabilities with Nextopia. This new integration allows users of the Upshot Commerce Core Platform to improve their website search functionality and increase conversion with the Nextopia search solution.

“A customer’s ability to accurately locate and filter search results is crucial for the success of ecommerce stores,” says Upshot Commerce CEO Neal Kaiser. “This is why maintaining an intelligent and robust search solution is so important.”

The Upshot Commerce Nextopia Integration includes a variety of features to increase the speed and accuracy of search results, such as customizable fuzzy matching, autocomplete and spell checking. “These features all help the customer to more effectively find what they are looking for, by helping to combat many of the common errors that a user makes when searching,” says Derek Stringfellow, Chief Business Development Officer of Upshot Commerce.

The Integration not only improves the customer search experience, it also provides retailers with a unique marketing opportunity. “With the ability to control product ranking, retailers can choose to push certain products within search results,” says Milanie Cleere Chief Marketing Officer at Upshot Commerce. Additionally, reports and analytics help the retailer to determine whether their search merchandising strategy is working. “All of these features mean better search results for the customer and increased conversion for the retailer.”

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The Upshot Commerce ecommerce software solution provides features for inventory, order, checkout and customer management, online merchandising shipping and fulfillment, reports and analytics, security, SEO wholesale and B2B management, mobile and social commerce integration affinity/auto-ship programs, integration with ERP and accounting systems such as MAS 90/200, eBook online sales features, channel sales integration with companies such as Amazon and eBay and a loyalty/reward points program.

Upshot Commerce is the most customizable, on-demand ecommerce software solution. Ever. Founded in 1994 by Neal Kaiser, the company is headquartered in Boston, MA. The Upshot Commerce platform is ideally suited for growing businesses and organizations looking to optimize and upgrade their ecommerce solutions provider.

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