777 - Doomsday or Your Luckiest Day Ever

7-7-7 is Saturday July 7, 2007 the beginning of the end or is it your day of opportunity?

Missoula, MT, July 06, 2007 --(PR.com)-- This Saturday is starred on millions of calendars around the world. The line up of triple 7s makes July 7, 2007 one of the most anticipated dates of the millennium. Will millions of couples be blessed by taking vows under an auspicious sign? Or is the wrath of the Lord soon to be unleashed as prophesied in the bible?

Seven has attracted special attention for thousands of years in cultures around the world. Seven is the “almost perfect” number popular in mathematics, music, astronomy, mythology, psychology and almost every major religion.

The seventh day is sanctified by God as a day of rest, after the world’s creation in the Old Testament. Seven Virtues correspond with seven deadly sins in Christianity, and Roman Catholicism has seven sacraments. Islam recognizes seven heavens and seven earths. There are seven Japanese Gods of Happiness and Luck and Buddhism has its seven reincarnations. Sevens seem to be everywhere, but are they always a sign of luck?

Fervent Christian sects point to the bible and shout warnings and admonitions about the triple 7 date. Sevens are scattered throughout the Scriptures, but the ones in the prophetic Book of Revelations are believed to link Doomsday with 777. Zealots have hailed July 7, 2007 the Day of Final Judgment, the Second Coming of Christ and the End of the World.

Non-believers may be damned eternally for ignoring the prophesy of the Sign of Seven, but they plan to have fun in the process. Retailers are celebrating 777 with sales, promotions and contests, and consumers stand to win big with holiday-style savings. Casinos are ready for record-breaking crowds and state and national lotteries are betting on unprecedented July 7 sales.

Marketers are approaching the big day with a mixed bag of responses. But could the negativity stirred up by Dooms-dayers be why publishers shied away from 777?

Renowned internet marketer Mike Filsaime has committed to making 777 a day of celebration instead of disappointment. Mike and his associate Tom Beal chose to launch their latest product The 7 Figure Code this Saturday to encourage small businesses to cash in on online marketing. This premier internet marketing business masterpiece is designed to guide small businesses in creating their own 7 Figure Business online. Mike and Tom hope to connect with their customers by embracing the date as an opportunity to offer a blueprint for building a multi-million dollar internet-based business.

Superstar Prince and Revelations Perfume & Cosmetics company are adding to the 777 excitement by releasing Prince’s new perfume this Saturday. 3121 will debut simultaneously at Macy’s and online at http://www.3121Perfume.com 7% of revenues from 777 sales will be given to 7 different charities in a fund-raiser that aims to raise half a million dollars.

Live Earth founder Kevin Wall and partner/Chair of the Alliance Al Gore also plan to reach out to a worldwide audience on 777 with their SOS Campaign to raise awareness about global warming. Live Earth is a 24-hour long concert series, taking place on 7 continents. The multi-media extravaganza is scheduled to be broadcast via radio, internet and television world-wide. Featuring more than 100 musicians and 2 billion live fans, the Live Earth celebration seems poised to steal the 777 show even from Judgment Day.

Enjoy great music, start a 7 Figure business, try a new scent or pray for redemption, but don’t overlook the basis of all the mania behind 777. According to historians, our fascination with the number probably began with astronomical observations. Seven “planets” were visible to stargazers in ancient times throughout the world – the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Seven became associated with divine perfection and the number has been favored ever since. Were these luminaries destined to be the first lucky 7, or was their number purely coincidental? Either way, we should thank our lucky stars we have sevens to keep things interesting.

Ray La Foy