iDealFurniture™ Announces National Expansion Program

iDealFurniture™ is proud to announce the national expansion of their furniture business model which has revolutionized the traditional furniture business, eliminating the risk and overhead normally associated with a retail location.

Las Vegas, NV, September 28, 2012 --( Over the last decade, nearly half of all store front furniture stores have gone out of business which equates to less competition. iDealFurniture’s potential targets are families that want quality furniture at bargain prices. Currently, families are not moving but they are upgrading, beautifying and changing the look of the current home. Many statistics show that the furniture business is on a strong rebound. Because a dealership has access to the same exact quality, variety and manufacture of any store front business in the community, prices will be much lower due to little to no overhead.

“In today’s New Economy, we saw the need to reduce the amount of startup costs involved in starting a furniture business, enhance growth and expedite profitability” stated CEO/Founder, Larry Kozin. He went on to say “We know how to promote your furniture business through innovative, inexpensive methods of advertising while keeping operating costs to a minimum. The importance to provide quality merchandise to your clients at bargain prices while still remaining profitable while under cutting the competition because you don’t have the overhead and expenses of rent, utilities, payroll, cost of advertising, etc. makes for a winning formula.
iDealFurniture, LLC
John Bellave