Extensio Symphony Adds New Information Delivery Front-Ends with Desktop Gadgets and Web Widgets

Enterprises can now achieve maximum user adoption and user-productivity benefits with in-context, at-a-glance information from enterprise and web 2.0 data sources directly on their desktops and favorite web sites in addition to Microsoft Office and mobile devices.

Cupertino, CA, July 09, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Extensio Software, Inc., providers of Information Integration and Delivery technology, today announced the limited release of Extensio Desktop Gadgets and Extensio Web Widgets to its family of information delivery front-ends of Extensio® Symphony, an information integration and delivery platform. Previously supported information delivery front-ends include Microsoft® Outlook, Microsoft Excel, mobile devices, PDAs, web services and browsers.

The new age information workers in enterprise increasingly expect enterprise software to be easy-touse, within their context and available on their favorite interfaces, similar to their consumer web experience. Further, enterprises have realized that ease-of-use and in-context delivery of information is key to user adoption, information utilization, and information worker productivity. The newly added user front-ends for Extensio Symphony consist of:

(a) Extensio Desktop Gadgets: Available for Windows 2000+, Extensio Desktop Gadgets are miniapplications that reside either within the Extensio Desktop Sidebar or on the user desktop as floating gadgets, and deliver information services from the Extensio Information Server. In addition, gadgets can also be invoked on any desktop application by means of a simple Alt-Click on any text.

(b) Extensio Web Widgets: Extensio Web Widgets deliver information services from the Extensio Information Server inside any web page. Users can embed the auto-generated Extensio Widgets's javascript enabled iFrames on their web sites to deliver the information of their choice on their authored
web pages.

“The explosion of information sources and interfaces, coupled with increased business complexity, has resulted in rising end-user expectations about information accessibility and ease-of-use,” said Ms. Sangeeta Patni, Co-Founder, Extensio Software. "With the addition of Desktop Gadgets and Web Widgets as user front-ends from Extensio Symphony, enterprises now have a comprehensive information delivery framework that not only delivers information on a wide variety of user front-ends, but also enables them to meet the key user expectations of ease-of-use and ease-of-distribution, driving up end-user adoption of enterprise information assets.”

Extensio Symphony, a patented SOA-based information delivery framework for Enterprises, is a multiple front-end delivery solution that extracts information from multiple back-end enterprise applications, partner applications, and web applications, assembles the extracted information elements using join, filter, mash-up and transform mechanisms, and delivers them as Information Services. Enterprise information workers consume and distribute information services in read/write/refresh modes on Desktop Gadgets, Web Widgets, Microsoft Office interfaces, Mobile Phones, PDAs, browsers, and web services.

With Extensio Symphony, information workers can track status of business and process KPIs on their desktops with Extensio Desktop Gadgets, include a mash-up of their address and Google Maps on their blog with Extensio Web Widgets, perform business work flows such as approving purchase orders from within Outlook with Extensio Outlook Extender, populate monthly sales reports in Excel without cut-and- paste with Extensio Excel Extender, and approve requests from their phones using Extensio Mobile Extender.

The Extensio Information Services are developed with Extensio Studio, a RAD toolkit to quickly build Extensio information services in a day or two.

A hosted demo version of Extensio Desktop Gadgets and Extensio Web Widgets is available from www.extensio.com/Selection.html for web users. Extensio Symphony v3.1s, including the new Extensio Desktop Gadgets and Extensio Web Widgets is also available for download. For more information, visit www.extensio.com/products/ExtensioSymphony.html, and for evaluation, contact salesinfo @ extensio.com.

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