Creative Danes Introduces Felt Panels by Norm

Creative Danes is receiving Menu's new Felt Panels designed by the dynamic Norm team.

Carlsbad, CA, October 01, 2012 --( A new graphic language lets your walls communicate a taste for design and functionality

A dozen letters or the numbers 0 and 1; that is all it takes to create a language. It is all you need to express yourself in a complex world. Felt Panels from Menu’s Designer’s Cut collection function in much the same way. They are the basic components of a stylish, visual and functional language for your walls that also has numerous practical uses.

The starting point is a grey felt square. Although the shape and material is plain, the panels can be combined in a variety of ways to create your own, unique wall design to suit the overall character of your home.

The Felt Panels can become a natural and functional detail in your hallway, home office, kitchen/living room or anywhere else in your home. They can be combined to create decorative elements with a clean, graphic look. But the panels are very much intended to be used. Together they create a multi-functional system that serves many purposes.

The basic unit is a simple, grey felt square. It can be used as a small notice board or as a decorative element. Various needs have thus resulted in the creation of various types of Felt Panels; a clock, a mirror, notice board units, a coat rack, a key holder or a letter holder – the opportunities are endless.

The design of the Felt Panels also incorporates an acoustic aspect. Modern homes are often characterized by hard noise and the idea behind the soft felt panels was originally to create soft elements in the home. Felt Panels can thus help improve your home’s acoustics and create a better indoor environment, offering a design experience that is both visual and aural.

Nordic design and materials
The designers behind Wall Panels are Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn from Danish architecture firm Norm. The pair have drawn inspiration from Nordic nature for their material choices. The warmth of wood and the felt’s wool associations give their modern design an unmistakably Nordic identity. The design of the Felt Panels is strict and sparse. However, subtle roundness creates a softer look that balances the product’s masculine and feminine aspects.

“Our fascination with modular squares comes from the world of graphic design and we are inspired by the works of minimalist artists. Felt Panels are not just functional, they also add a graphic element to complement any stylish home. Just like the letters of the alphabet, the elements can be combined based on your wishes to create your very own, visual language. You can create your very own wall art,” say Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and Kasper Rønn.
Creative Danes
Lars Nielsen