SprinkleBit Launches SprinkleBit University

Interactive education modules make it easy to learn how to invest.

San Diego, CA, October 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- SprinkleBit, the first authentically social online investing platform, today announced the launch of SprinkleBit University (SBU), the easiest way to learn investing from A to Z. SBU provides interactive education on investing and finance, a cornerstone of the company’s offerings.

“SprinkleBit was founded on the idea that we could empower people through education and information to take control of their finances and build wealth,” said Alexander Wallin, CEO, SprinkleBit. “The launch of SprinkleBit University is unveiling one of the most important sections of our site offerings. Ninety four percent of our current member population is novice investors. A major reason the pioneers in our community came to SprinkleBit was to learn from us and the community. We will endeavor to make our commitment to education a priority.”

The first of SBU’s modules will cover investment basics: Finding Your Investment Objective, How to Align Your Portfolio with Your Personal Investment Goals, Understanding Risk and How it Affects Your Investments, Sectors and Industries and the Stock Market Index. Each section within each module will have a mini quiz designed to both keep the student engaged as well as to test their knowledge. Additional modules will be released and rich media like photo and video will be added on a regular basis to continuously improve the content.

“The best part is that the student/member can then take what they have learned and apply their skills by trading on SprinkleBit’s virtual trading platform,” said Wallin. “This is a safe and entertaining place for investors to build and hone their trading skills using real-time market data. Once they have built up their confidence, they can start to put real money in the market seamlessly on our site.”

Today SprinkleBit members can trade on the virtual platform, but in the coming months the company will be hosting a complete suite of financial services for the community, including secure on-line trading and crowdfunding through its subsidiary’s brokerage.

A key component of the SprinkleBit experience is access to its proprietary Voting Power Index (VPI). The VPI serves as a virtual advisor that helps guide both novice and experienced investors by crowdsourcing investing behavior to produce an easy-to-use buy/sell signal for stocks. The VPI was created through research conducted at UCSD by Wallin, who found that with the right application of crowdsourcing an investor could use the VPI to create a portfolio capable of outperforming the S&P 500 18 out of 20 quarters and pick outperforming stocks with an 87% certainty. By comparison, mutual funds, one of the most common of investment vehicles, are lucky to outperform the index. And the return is even lower once you factor in management fees.

About SprinkleBit
Founded in 2011, SprinkleBit is the first authentically social online investing platform designed specifically for the DIY investor. Follow, learn from and even copy experienced investors; manage all of your investments with powerful, easy-to-use tools that leverage the collective financial wisdom of the crowds; and explore new investment alternatives and help build dreams through crowdfunding - all from one platform. For more information and to become a member of the SprinkleBit community (it’s free), please visit www.sprinklebit.com
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