Thecus N5200PRO 5TB Launched for Sub $3000.00, a First for the Industry from eAegis

Lake Mary, FL, July 08, 2007 --( (Aegis, LLC), has yet again attained another first in the industry by announcing a 5.0TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) priced under $3000.00. The offering is designed around the newly launched Thecus N5200BPRO. The N5200PRO NAS appliances are an enhanced version of the Thecus N5200 award winning pedigree that has constantly outperformed every NAS in its class.

The N5200BPRO and N5200BRPRO were launched in Taiwan at Computex 2007, Asia’s top IT show. The extended product features are impressive, Intel 1.5GHz Celeron M Processor, 521MB of , supports Multiple RAID levels, allowing multiple RAID volumes on a single system, the icing on the cake has to be the inclusion of iSCSI initiators, enabling users to access the N5200PRO as an iSCSI target over the Internet or LAN. Available in two models: the N5200BPRO with dual Gigabit Ethernet ports supports load balancing, failover, and link aggregation; and the N5200BPRO with a single Gigabit Ethernet port and built-in four port Gigabit switch. Both products are currently available from eAegis.

eAegis has continued offering its popular 48 hour burn-in testing service at no extra cost for all pre-installed Thecus N5200PRO NAS appliances. This service initially introduced as an industry first back in June 2005, has become so popular, many of the other sector based companies have begun to emulate burn testing, as a value added service. eAegis proprietary in-house utilities are specifically designed for RAID based appliances, coupled with the companies Total Quality Management (TQM) methodology leverages and eliminates any faults that may occur as a consequence, and provides the customer with an out of the box experience of being able to setup the unit within fifteen minutes of removing the unit from it’s packaging with little or no fuss.

“The 5TB N5200BPRO for sub $3000.00 continues to maintain our commitment for providing our customers with quality products that contain a higher than normal value for money element and thereby assuring our customers get a rapid return on investment.” said Mohamed Mawji, Chief Operations Officer, Aegis LLC. “Thecus N5200PRO range is unsurpassable in its class, technical brilliance, with a turn of speed that will delight.”

Availability and Pricing
The Thecus N5200PRO is available in numerous capacities, the special price promotion is for the Thecus N5200B PRO, 2.5TB ($1505.00), 3.75TB ($2239.00), 4.0TB ($2493.00), 5.0TB ($2913.00) and Diskless ($799.00). Thecus N5200BR PRO are all an extra $30.00 on the price band for the N5200BPRO. All prices are for U.S. only, and exclude any shipping, handling or tax.

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