History and Uses of Gemstones and the Latest and Astonishing Gemstone Beads by Beadsonsale.com

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River Edge, NJ, October 01, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Scientifically, a gemstone is a mineral or petrified material which is used in making jewelry but some gemstones like single-crystal rhodochrosite are too soft to be used as a piece of jewelry. Thus those gemstones are used for display in museums or collected by mineral specimens. In historical times, gemstone beads like Coral, Lapis and Amber have been used as currency as well as ornament.

Gemstone bead jewelry definitely adds grace and a different class to our jewelry. They are present in different colors, sizes and shapes (oval, cube, bean, brick, nugget, tube, star, rondelle, round etc). Think of any color and you will find a gemstone for that color. Different colors in turn have different type of gemstone beads, for instance, yellow gemstone beads are citrine, topaz and diamond; red gemstone beads could be coral, spinet, ruby or garnet; pink gemstones could include sapphire or Tourmaline; Green gemstone could include peridot, emerald, sapphire or jade. Similarly there are different blue, violet, white and black gemstones as well.

All of them bear a different price which depends on their gemological properties, quality of mineral and size. Gemstone beads can be as small as about 2mm to 26mm in diameter. Usually in America, smaller gemstone beads are used in strands of about 15 to 20 inches whereas the bigger gemstone beads are even bought in numbers. The strands of gemstone beads can be further cut into varied shapes. Commonly, they are cut into square, heart, diamond and circular shapes by renowned gemstone jewelry suppliers. Some highly skilled craftsmen also deal in tear drop or pear shaped beads. These gemstone beads are further tumbled, faceted or polished for efficient luster and durability. Gemstone beads are not only used for adornment but also in social as well as political events, religious beliefs etc as they are considered to represent planets and possess spiritual significance. They can be worn of in a ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet or even chokers.

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