Dw Dunphy Debuts New Song “The Radial Night”

Track to be featured on forthcoming album The Radial Night.

Red Bank, NJ, October 02, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Circles, cycles, patterns and ruts are all concepts close to the imagination of musician Dw Dunphy. These states are so consuming to him that his upcoming album The Radial Night is devoted to the subject. The song-cycle comes at the topic from all angles, but the title cut reflects the weariness one might have from having experienced them all. “The song ‘The Radial Night’ is couched in a narrative of a potential love relationship,” Dunphy said. “However the protagonist backs away from pursuing it, from even considering it. He’s been through it all before and it has always gone badly before, so it comes off very much as a song of surrender. He’s saying, ‘I know how this is all going down before it even happens, so although I want this to happen, I’m walking away.”

That sort of defeat is not something that is common to pop and rock music, Dunphy explains. “Even in the most negative songs you can think of, the protagonist seldom just comes out and says, I’m not fighting this. Popular music tends to be a variation of the battle hymn, right? I’ll always be there for you, or I’ll fight for you, or I’ll even die for you. That’s hardly realistic though. In the real world, things just have a way of not working out, and you deal with what comes of that.”

The song appears on the forthcoming album The Radial Night via Introverse Music, a collection of tracks that Dunphy proudly calls a concept album. “Just about every tune deals with coping with patterns, loops, or cyclical behaviors,” Dunphy said. “As I get older, I tend to see the patterns that come up again and again. Think about psychology and you’re really looking at how we invite patterns into our lives and how we are often ruled and trapped by them.”

Dunphy offers no easy answers for circles, cycles, patterns and ruts. “I’m no fan of the self-help industry, so anyone looking to get in touch with a new persona probably won’t find instruction in these songs, but they will see themselves in them.” For Dunphy, that is the most important effort he has put into The Radial Night. “I don’t want to write songs from a separated viewpoint. I want my songs to be about the people listening to them as much as I want the work to be for them.”

The Radial Night is slated to debut in November, 2012. Dunphy marks the album as his first with vocals since 2009’s Enigmatic. “You sing when you have something to say,” he cryptically said of the post-Enigmatic releases, all instrumental.
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