New Blog Post Chronicles Battles with Medical System and Natural Home Death

Off The Grid Living in Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story post Getting My Husband Out Of The Healthcare System and His Natural Home Death.

Fort Myers, FL, October 03, 2012 --( Robin Speronis, producer of the blog Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story, aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom,, chronicles her battles with the conventional medical establishment as she successfully got her husband out of the healthcare system and chronicles his natural home death years latter in a blog post entitled, Getting My Husband Out Of The Healthcare System And His Natural Home Death.

After years of seeing her husband, Zenny, in pain and suffering from treatment for his progressive neuromuscular disease, Speronis decided to take control of their healthcare by asking questions, educating herself, and standing firm within her values. "I now know from experience what works and what doesn't work," says Speronis, "but it did take a profound shift in the way that my husband and I looked at life and death and our personal role in it. The system is more devoted to order and profit than compassion and we are devoted to each other, our faith and natural healing."

Robin Speronis is the owner of Florida corperation Off The Grid Living, Inc. Speronis now lives off-grid in her RV in the woods in Southwest Florida and does writing, speaking and consulting work.
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