Local OB/GYN Raises Money for Ovarian Cancer Research

This weekend marked the end of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. One local OB/GYN practice used the occasion to raise money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

Freehold, NJ, October 03, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Through social media efforts, Healthy Woman OB/GYN, located in Freehold and Colts Neck, was able to raise over $500 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, simply by having people “like” their Facebook page.

“By bringing attention to Ovarian Cancer through a charity opportunity on our social media sites, we were able to bring awareness to women in the community about the disease,” says Erin Ward, the Manager of Marketing for the Healthy Woman OB/GYN practice.

Over a two week time period, the Healthy Woman OB/GYN was able to generate viral buzz about the cause, increasing the amount of the donation towards Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.

“We were able to raise a great deal of money for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, and we really have the community to thank for that.”

Ovarian cancer is a disease in which malignant or cancerous cells are found in the ovaries, two small almond-shaped organs that store eggs or germ cells and produce female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

In women age 35-74, ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. An estimated 1 in 71 will develop ovarian cancer during her lifetime. The American Cancer Society estimates that there will be over 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer diagnosed this year and that more than 15,000 women will die from ovarian cancer this year.

According to The American Cancer Society data, the mortality rates for ovarian cancer have not improved in forty years. Unfortunately, due to ovarian cancer's non-specific symptoms and lack of early detection tests, only 19% of all cases are found at the early stage, making ovarian cancer the deadliest of all gynecologic cancers.

“By making women more aware of the disease and getting them into see their OB/GYN doctor, we can help more women detect and beat ovarian cancer,” Erin Ward of Healthy Woman OB/GYN says.

Risks factors can include genetic disposition and a personal or family history of cervical, ovarian or colon cancers. Women who think they might be at high risk for ovarian or breast cancer should undergo genetic counseling, offered through your physician at Healthy Woman OB/GYN in both their Freehold and Colts Neck locations.

For more information about ovarian cancer or genetic counseling, contact Healthy Woman OB/GYN to set up an appointment and speak to your physician.

For more information about Healthy Woman, visit http://www.healthywomanusa.com

For press inquiries, please contact Erin Ward at 732-984-9815 or by email eward@healthywomanusa.com.
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