Trinity Lace Wigs - Free Wig Give-a-Way

In an effort to support the observance of the national awareness month for Breast Cancer Trinity Lace Wigs is holding a free give-a-way. Each year they host a program to donate wigs to participants with medically related hairloss.

San Antonio, TX, October 03, 2012 --( October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Trinity Lace Wigs is giving away a cranial prosthesis (wig) for medically related hairloss, products and services with a retail value up to $350. One entrant will win one (1) individually designed, handcrafted wig, with consultation and installation.

Stephanie Anderson believes that some women battling breast cancer can often feel as if losing their hair is scarier than losing a breast. Why? The loss of a breast can be hidden; however, it is harder to hide hairloss. Losing your hair is painfully obvious and apparent. Ms. Anderson is a licensed cosmetologist specializing in hair augmentation and certified in hair replacement and medical hair loss at Trinity Lace Wigs.

Hairloss caused by cancer treatments is usually temporary. Hair is often eventually restored after the treatment is stopped; however, this is very little comfort to the woman who has to endure it.

“Our products are ‘realistic hair replacement’ and state of the art. Bottom line—the wig must look real to feel real. This alleviates the emotional insecurity one experiences when wearing an unnatural looking wig. A natural looking wig promotes a ‘before’ medical treatment appearance for the patient, therefore boosting their self-esteem and confidence,” said Ms. Anderson.

The recipient will receive a full cranial prosthesis available to choose from in a variety of styles, colors and the Trinity Lace Wigs salon/studio will provide customized fitting, cutting and styling. These specialized wigs are better suited for cancer patients than fashion wigs.

Women who lose their hair as a result of chemotherapy or radiation therapy generally have very tender, sensitive scalps that can be irritated by the harsh materials in fashion wigs. Fashion wigs purchased through a catalog or online retailer may not fit properly, and can be loose if not fitted for customization.

The company is reaching out to the medical professionals specializing in the treatment of cancer, alopecia, burn, etc. patient; including those facilities servicing our wounded warriors, to educate them on the innovative services and alternatives to traditional wigs. They also provide smaller custom hair replacement systems for children.

For more information on Trinity Lace Wigs, their services and contest details visit their website at or call them at 210.858.8554.
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Stephanie Anderson