Luxury Principles Can Have a Conscience

London, United Kingdom, July 09, 2007 --( Rumah London, a luxury homeware brand launches an on-going program called, ‘Cashmere with a conscience’ with luxury principles. The platform for ‘Cashmere with a conscience’ is to maintain sustainability with high-end quality craftsmanship in less developed economies which can compete on the world stage in the luxury market.

When Rumah developed “A World Lifestyle” collection for luxury cashmere blankets and throws it became very apparent the quality of craftsmanship was equal or greater to the established cashmere centers such as, Italy and Scotland. The issue with consumer perception which still presents itself with the luxury market is less developed countries, like Nepal do not have the quality craftsmanship to compete on the world luxury stage.

“We established ‘Cashmere with a conscience’, to help shift consumer mindset towards luxury quality craftsmanship in less developed countries and dispel the myth its just arts and craft. It is amazing how skilled the quality of the craftsmanship is”, said Andreas Lim founder of Rumah London.

UK latest Mintel luxury consumer report 2006 stated consumers have broken the £1 trillion barrier in total across all luxury offerings. An increase of 57% for luxury homeware from 2005-2006 has been registered with an increase in home ownership valued above £1.5 million. Andreas Lim added, “Today’s luxury consumer behavior trigger is sustainability for fair trade and eco-friendly practices. ‘Cashmere with a conscience’ represents the less developed markets such as Nepal”. Luxury consumers believe in luxury principles but they expect ethical business practices from the brands they support.

Founded by Andreas Walter Lim, Rumah London is a sophisticated and stylish luxury homeware brand presenting “A World Lifestyle” collection in design, colour and natural materials from around the world for 21st century contemporary living. All production and packaging is eco-friendly, whilst maintaining fair trade with their manufactures and suppliers. A percentage of the profits are donated to charitable organizations which help promote sustainability programs.

Rumah London
Andreas Lim