Netafreelancer Ltd Launches an Innovation in the World of Freelancing

More than just another freelancing site. A deep review of a newly launched worldwide marketplace.

Sussex, United Kingdom, July 20, 2007 --( Netafreelancer Ltd a new freelance business has made its initial launch onto the the internet. Founder Musa Aykac has stated "the reason we are launching this new business is because although there are many marketplaces similar to ours, the one thing we offer is our unique customer support and fraud prevention, that is the number one priority that most freelance businesses fail on is that there is no measures in place to stop online fraud by both freelancers and webmaster, so we have now launched our assault on this area of the market and look to dominate."

Netafreelancer is more than yet another freelancing website. Its easy, fast, user-friendly and most of all, secure. For the past few years, freelancing websites have gained much popularity. Ensuring the cost effectiveness and high quality of the solutions for personal and corporate needs, they are
now much relied on than the local companies offering the same services. They also offer a successful means of living to freelancers, specially from developing countries.

Every now and then, a new freelancing website is launched, claiming to be better than the rest. Netafreelancer proves its claim and aims at bringing service-buyers and freelancers closer. The easy-to-use interface of Netafreelancer is a lot more user-friendly than most of the other freelancing websites in true sense of the word. Its sleek design is simple, but elegant. Not overly crowded with large sized fancy images or advertisement banners, it offers a faster loading experience than most of the freelancing websites online today. Since the origin of freelancers is usually the developing countries, which, to a large extent, still rely on slow dial-up connections, Netafreelancer's clean and simple design is their ultimate dream to browse freely and with faster speeds, keeping pace with the ever changing fast world of today, because in this business, it requires very fast responses to be given to the service-buyers in order to be considered for the project. To encourage the service-buyers utilize the services of able freelancers, Netafreelancer offers an amount of $3 to be added to their account. As for the freelancers, Netafreelancer offers an amount of $5 to be added to their account. Security has been a major concern during the course of development of Netafreelancer. Therefore, only the most secure methods of payment are offered to the users to deposit or withdraw money. The users may not find a few of the most commonly used payment options when proceeding with payments. The reason being the security which was found to be weak in certain payment methods. Since Netafreelancer focuses on encouraging outsourcing and buyer-freelancer relationship, it cannot let the hard earned money of the freelancers be lost due to a security issue which can be avoided. However, the users have other much reliable and secure payment options, like Paypal, Moneybookers, cheque or wire transfer.

Service-buyers will have a unique experience selecting the best freelancer for their project. A 10-start rating system and a review system facilitates the selection of the rightful candidate for the task. An easy-to-use messaging system is implemented for fast and easy communication between the service-buyer and the freelancer so that the project can be further discussed before getting awarded. For regular freelancers or webmasters there is also a special membership status which can be upgraded to if the client meets Netafreelancers algothirm, the main advantage of this feature is it will save both parties a lot of money as they will only pay a set monthly fee. Service providers can select a freelancer from any country only on the basis of his/ her ability to be chosen for the job. To ensure building trust on the side of the freelancer, a unique mode of payment, called "Escrow", is also implemented.

The freelancers now have a chance to earn their living quickly and easily without any trouble. They can work from their home, anytime they want, making sure they complete the given task in time. It is a great benefit for freelancers from developing countries to support their families.

They no longer need to worry about jobs, Netafreelancer offers them jobs at their doorstep. And also with the Escrow mode of payment, they are ensured to get paid. In short, Netafreelancer is a great way to get things done easily and securely. You no longer need to worry about your project getting done, a team of millions of developers are there to provide you with the best of the solutions. Netafreelancer has launched and its here to stay.

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