SoftCo Cloud Accelerates Business Growth at SouthWestern

SoftCo, a global supplier of document management and business process automation provide a platform for SouthWestern's on-going expansion across Europe through the SoftCo Cloud service.

Dublin, Ireland, October 05, 2012 --( With over 4 million documents being processed annually for a range of clients across multiple industry verticals, SouthWestern, a market leader in business process outsourcing (BPO), required a highly flexible and scalable document management solution. A core requirement was to provide uninterrupted and secure access to its large customer base across multiple territories. For this reason SouthWestern made the strategic decision to implement a cloud-based service that could also minimise internal administration and operational costs.

In 2009 SouthWestern implemented SoftCo Cloud, in conjunction with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) solutions. These innovative solutions allowed SouthWestern to offer end-to-end, customisable document management and data capture services to its clients, providing it with a competitive edge in winning new contracts.

"With SoftCo Cloud, SoftCo offered a best-in-class service based on the SoftCo R8 platform that could deliver significant costs savings and efficiency improvements across our business. It has enabled us to pass on these benefits to our clients," says Peadar Murphy, Head of IT, SouthWestern.

Each of SouthWestern's clients have unique requirements, from recording proof of delivery dockets and processing invoices to processing and verifying cattle birth and registration records. With the advanced data capture solutions from SoftCo, SouthWestern is able to meet its clients' expectations, as well as helping them to increase productivity and reduce costs.

A contract with the Irish Cattle Breeding Federation, for example, sees SouthWestern processing tens of thousands of Health Notification and Cow Survey forms each year. Using the SoftCo ICR for Forms solution, each SouthWestern operator can process 266 forms per hour, compared to 39 per hour when completing this task manually; a 600 percent improvement. Approximately 20,000 forms can be processed in three to four days, a task that previously took weeks. All data from the forms is uploaded directly to the client's system and images of the forms are also uploaded and stored on the SoftCo Cloud platform, and are easily retrievable by the client when required.

Reliability is also a key metric of the success of the SoftCo/SouthWestern partnership. Any downtime experienced by its clients would reflect badly on SouthWestern, so stability of the SoftCo service is crucial.

"We are dealing with large corporates who are used to a high level of reliability; they have no toleration for downtime. With SoftCo, we are confident we can offer the resiliency levels our customers demand," says Robyn Sheehan, systems analyst with SouthWestern.

About SoftCo

SoftCo is a global developer of business process automation and document management solutions with offices in Dublin, New York, London and Johannesburg. With over 20 years’ experience across all sectors, SoftCo works with over 1000 Enterprise, Government and SMB customers worldwide to deliver solutions that make their business processes more efficient, reduce their costs and ensure compliance.

Our customers include organisations such as Argos, John Lewis, Sunny Delight, Logitech, Lloyds Banking Group, The Finnish Government, Iowa Health and Experian among many others across the globe.

About SouthWestern
SouthWestern is a market leader in the provision of front and back office services in the areas of CRM, Finance & HR, Public Sector and Financial Services to leading public and private sector clients in Ireland, the UK and Europe. SouthWestern employ 650 people at their flagship delivery centres in Clonakilty, Ireland and Lodz, Poland. The SouthWestern brand is built around our values of Integrity, ‘Can do’ Attitude, Customer Focus, Innovation and Respect. We have been ranked by Gartner as one of the top ten up and coming F&A providers worldwide.

The SoutherWestern attitude and commitment to excellence has won SouthWestern many accolades including the coveted “Best Managed Company” award from Deloitte in 2009 retained in 2010, 2011 and achieved 'Gold Standard' in 2012.

In February 2012, SouthWestern claimed the title of 'Cork Company of the Year 2012'.
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