New Website Launched by is pleased to announce the launch of their new website The online shop displays mainstream Asian and Thai amulets from new to as old as 400 years. Unlike other amulet dealers, it is amazing to find the founder, who is a lama, keeping his collection activated and "alive."

Singapore, Singapore, October 05, 2012 --( is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. It is created to provide an online source of authentic amulets, talismans and charms for amulet collectors, users and lovers. It carries a variety of amulets from many different monks, masters and temples for clients to browse useful information and shop online from the comfort of their own home, saving a lot of time and expenses on travelling and searching in Thailand.

The founder, John Chow, has an interesting background quite unlike other amulet dealers. He is a hard core Buddhist practitioner with no intention to be an amulet dealer. As a lama, he chants and meditates and charges up his amulets by himself to invigorate and keep them “alive.” Amulets are his way of helping and reaching out to people. “Most of our collection is mainstream Thai amulet. First showcased on the site are mostly love charms. Some of them are fairly new, made between AD2007 to AD2010. We also have some very rare old amulets by the top old monks, and some dating back to the early Ayutthaya period, which are 400 or 500 years old. Some of them have been recently requested by temples and monks in Thailand as a donation to their museum or to the chief monk,” says John Chow.

More from the precious collection will be shared to the public on the website, according to John Chow, “These include original 'Somdej Wat Rakhang,' 'Mai Krus' from very rare King Rama V, tiger amulets, wealth fish amulets, ram and goat amulets, and many other treasures. Our goal is to promote the interest and awareness of the sacred world of amulets. We will be offering our amulets to the public gradually. Apart from the very old precious ones, most of the present collection will go to fund a temple we will be building. Newer amulets acquired from now onwards will be for running the website, with a good portion going to the temple fund.”

The website will be constantly updated with new items and helpful information. There are tips on how to choose and care for amulets. Clients are also welcome to suggest items they are interested and looking for. The sourcing team of Best Thai Amulet goes to provinces of Thailand and neighbouring countries from time to time to build up the best collection online.

About is an online shop provides a showcase of mainstream Thai amulets and charms for collectors and users. We treat our collection with love, respect and according to the rules or taboos concerned. Our amulets are activated and kept “running.” Part of the profits from normal sale are contributed to spreading the spiritual teachings, temples, spiritual centres, masters, monks, charity, etc. thus making merits for both ourselves and our clients. Eventually we will set up our temple in the future, offer prayer, chanting, meditation and other services to our member clients. For more information, please visit our website.
Kim Fung