Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw Unfiltered Honey Joins Big Tex Deep in the Heart of Texas

Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw Unfiltered Honey Joins Big Tex Deep in the Heart of Texas
Frisco, TX, October 05, 2012 --( Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey is joining the Go Texan store at the great State Fair of Texas. Nature Nate’s Honey, a natural and homegrown Texas product, will be sharing samples Sept. 28 through Oct. 21 each Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM and 2 to 4 PM in the Food and Fiber Building, 1233 South Washington Avenue.

Why Go Texan?

There's no denying Lone Star pride! Go Texan, with its signature mark in the shape of Texas, celebrates, promotes and supports the business savvy and plainspoken grit Texas agriculture is known for throughout the world. “In Texas, it ain’t bragging if it’s true, and in the Lone Star State we produce some of the best products in the world,” Agriculture Commissioner Todd Staples said. “The Food and Fiber Pavilion at the State Fair of Texas is a great opportunity for fairgoers to support homegrown Texas products, local jobs and agriculture. When you Go Texan, you are supporting local producers such as Nature Nate’s Honey Company while also supporting the Texas economy.”

Whether it's grown, sewn or served up on a plate, more than 26 million Texans shop, travel and dine out in support of Texas business and agriculture, looking for the Go Texan mark to light the way.

Why 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered?

Come in see for yourself how Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey tastes. Not only is the honey delicious, it’s packed with life sustaining health benefits. Why is pure, raw and unfiltered a higher quality product? Raw and unfiltered honey is honey the way nature intended. Raw means the honey is very close to the condition of the original hive honey. Unfiltered means minimally processed and not heated above 120 degrees so it maintains its vitamins and minerals. After all, Mother Nature’s honey already has the best flavor, aroma and nutrition – just naturally.

Why the State Fair of Texas?

Over 1 million people attend the great State Fair of Texas each year. In addition to the rides, Midway, exhibits and entertainment, food in all its infinite variety is a major attraction. Thousands will visit the Food and Fiber Building to seek out the new as well as old favorites. What better way to introduce a Native Texan – Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey – to other Texans?

Come to the State Fair of Texas, get a “Howdy, folks!” welcome from Big Tex, then head to the Go Texan store in the Food and Fiber Building to sample Nature Nate’s 100% Pure, Raw and Unfiltered Honey. It’s Texas agriculture at its best, and that’s not bragging.

Media Advisory:
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Nature Nate’s Honey Company has been providing raw and unfiltered honey since 1972. Look for the bear-shaped bottles with the orange label at your local grocer. To help alleviate allergies with an assist from nature – think organic, adults should take 1 Tablespoon of honey a day and children over age 1 should take 2 teaspoons a day. For your convenience, our honey can be found on a number of shelves at local retailers, including Albertson's, Central Market, Kroger, Market Street, Sprouts, Tom Thumb, Wal-Mart and Whole Foods. Visit to find a store near you.
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