Talamas Specifies Sennheiser and Soundcraft for the Boston Ballet’s "Grand Studio"

Newton, MA, October 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Developing and maintaining lasting personal and professional relationships with clients is an ethic Talamas Broadcast Equipment has always embraced, and one that definitely came into play during the design of a cutting edge audio system for the Boston Ballet’s Grand Studio rehearsal hall.

“Our relationship with the Ballet dates back many years,” says sales manager and director of operations, Diane Talamas. “We’ve worked on a variety of projects with them over time and recently provided them with a K-array system distributed by Sennheiser and Soundcraft Vi1 console for their home venue, The Boston Opera House.”

That project involved substantial challenges, adds company president, Dave Talamas. “They came back to us because we came through, met those challenges and provided a system that sounds great.”

Based on their previous use of the K-array and Soundcraft gear, the Ballet and A/V Coordinator Rick Brenner had a good idea of what they needed for the Grand Studio after first approaching Talamas in March 2012. “They wanted to stick with brands that exceeded their expectations,” explains Diane, “but when they come to us, it’s not just about the equipment, it’s because our goal is to make them happy and we take pride in doing so.”

That was a key factor in the Ballet’s decision to ask Talamas to specify and design an audio system for the Grand Studio that spoke to the highly flexible nature of the space. “While primarily it’s a rehearsal space,” says Talamas Product specialist Nick Jabour, “it’s used for everything from rehearsals to second stage performances with a small orchestra.” In addition, the Grand Studio functions as a performance/workshop space for students of the Boston Ballet School and a venue for various demonstrations and lectures. Correspondingly, it was necessary Brenner be able to convert the space from one application to another quickly and easily.

In April 2012, even before they’d been contracted for the job, representatives from Talamas visited the Grand Studio and recommended locations for hanging the K-array loudspeakers. After taking on the project officially, Talamas continued to work closely with Brenner and arranged a Soundcraft representative to bring Soundcraft’s Si Compact 24 console to the venue, so Brenner could go through it "with a fine-toothed comb" and ensure it met his needs before the Ballet purchased it.

In addition to the console, Talamas provided eight, K-array KH15's and one KS4 Sub. Rather than hang the K-Array components in a line array configuration, Brenner hoped to affix the KH15s to the ceiling – one per corner, two in the centre of the ceiling and two flown to the left and right of the KS4 as FOH mains – to provide maximum coverage for both rehearsal and performance applications.

Initially, however, he was concerned powered speakers might exceed the weight restrictions specified by a structural engineer on the project. “But in reality,” Brenner says, “the KH 15s are actually lighter than the passive speakers I’d considered.”

The Grand Studio’s performance space boasts a set of automated, retractable risers that seat 147 people and a second upper, glassed-in, 49-person capacity area. To streamline the installation process for Brenner, Talamas custom built a twelve-space rack to hold the venue’s Telex BTR System, Sennheiser Evolution 100 wireless systems and a Tascam hard disk recorder/CD player. “It was all pre-labeled and programmed,” Diane says. “All Rick had to do was turn it on and it worked.”

“That was a last minute thing I threw at Diane and she was awesome. They wanted it to be perfect and it was,” Brenner puts in. “The system is designed so all of the equipment, including the Soundcraft Si console, can live on the risers and track back and forth with them, so I can repurpose from a rehearsal to show configuration within half an hour.”

Providing that level of care and attention is key to enhancing the kind of personal relationships everyone at Talamas believes are integral to doing not just good business, but great work. “We’re not here just to offer up quick references for technical data. We’re here as a partner,” Nick says, “and that type of relationship results in a better system for the client, and a client with a better understanding of their own system because they had those personal interactions.”

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