Mama Bracelets Revives Autism Awareness

Mama Bracelets has brought back their Autism Awareness Bracelet due to popular demand.

Naperville, IL, October 08, 2012 --( Mama Bracelets has brought back their Autism Awareness Bracelet with some definite improvements. It still holds the classic puzzle piece charm while it boasts a double strand leather cord and a hook-and-eye clasp.

"We kept getting special orders for the Autism Awareness Bracelet so we decided to put it back on our website to make things easier for our customers," says PR Director, Michael Casten.

The Autism Awareness Bracelet follows the same premise as all of Mama Bracelets' products... simple and elegant and can be worn with any outfit.

"Our goal with our awareness products is to provide our customers with a piece of jewelry that will last a long time so that the message of their cause will continue to be out there," states Casten, "we know many people who suffer from different afflictions and are convinced that awareness is the key that fuels progress for treatments and cures for all kinds of diseases."

The Casten family has first-hand experience with familial disease as their youngest daughter, (born in 2010), was diagnosed with a progressive, degenerative neuromuscular, and terminal disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Type 2 (SMA Type 2).

"We have a product line for SMA as well as lung cancer and now we've brought back our Autism product. It's important to us and those afflicted that the community stands behind them," says Michael.

You can find the Autism Awareness Bracelet on the "Support & Fundraising" page along with the "Cure SMA" and "Breathe Deep" product lines at

"Our hope lies in the continued awareness of these and many other diseases so that treatments and hopefully a cure can be found," states Casten.
Mama Bracelets, LLC
Michael C. Casten