Radio Show Intends to Activate the Latent Power of Love to Boycott November 6th Election

Blog Talk Radio Show Off The Grid Living airs show entitled, Vote With Your Feet For The Empowerment Candidate.

Fort Myers, FL, October 09, 2012 --( Robin Speronis, host of the Blog Talk Radio show, Off The Grid Living, believes that the time has come in the history of our country to boycott the November 6th presidental election in favor of each person devoting all their energy and love to the one thing that they are most passionate about that day.

"I'm not complaining about the system at all. I'm just not playing their game this election. I'm not giving it any of my energy. Obama and Romney are playing the same game and they are on the same team," says Speronis. "They are on the team of big, dis-empowering government, playing the game of greed and power. Romneycare in Massachusetts and Obamacare nationally is nothing more than mandated consumption to feed the evil system of greed and power."

The radio show is now archived, on-demand and interested listeners may access the show at

Robin Speronis is the owner of Florida corporation Off The Grid Living, Inc. Besides her radio show, she also produces a blog entitled, Off The Grid Living In Southwest Florida - One Woman's Story, aka Adventures of a Nature Girl in her Quest for Freedom, Speronis now lives off-grid in her RV in the woods of Southwest Florida and does writing, speaking and consulting work.
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