Billy + Margot Announces That They Will be on Dragon's Den

Billy + Margot Will be on Dragons Den 14th October 9pm

London, United Kingdom, October 10, 2012 --( You may not have heard of Billy + Margot but that’s all about to change. This Sunday 14th October at 9pm on BBC2 Dragons’ Den you’ll be able to see how Marie Sawle, the founder of Billy + Margot fares with her efforts to persuade the dragons that her new business venture is worth their investment. Will she slay the dragons or be slated by them?

Billy + Margot is the first company to produce and sell nutritious iced treats for dogs in the UK specifically designed to encompass the key trends currently driving buyers to certain dog products. In particular the iced treats have been developed using mostly British sourced natural raw materials, with no dairy, gluten or colorants and with built-in intrinsic health benefits. The result is a unique super premium product positioned in the fastest growing sector of the canine market.

Billy+ Margot have also just launched four new dog treats all derived from 100% air-dried Venison, Venison chew sticks, Venison marrow bones and Venison liver bites.

All the venison is sourced from wild deer whose diet typically includes grasses, heathers and berries. The meat is well known for its health benefits and is high in protein, hypoallergenic and low in fat. These products are processed and slowly dried in the UK using just cold air.

It doesn’t come any more natural than that.

Billy + Margot believe like many besotted dog lovers that they hate to deprive their dog of that treat that they love. So that is why they developed a dog friendly ice-cream, packed with natural ingredients and with an emphasis on canine health and nutrition which resulting in a range of enticingly flavoured iced treats.

"Billy was a special Labrador, full of life and everlasting greed...his favourite treat was ice-cream! He loved it, but as a trained nutritionist I knew it contained a whole list of ingredients that would of played havoc with his canine digestive system," said Marie Sawle, founder of Billy + Margot.

"The treats are perfect for hot summer days, they also serve a really useful purpose helping dogs to cool down after long hot car journeys or any kind of strenuous exercise. Simply remove the lid, hold the tub and let you dog gratefully lick the iced treat inside.

Contrary to what people believe, dogs overheat more quickly than humans do.
They wear their fur coat all year all and they do not sweat. they cool their bodies by panting, which is much less effective than sweating. Even if you are comfortable, your dog may be too hot.

In fact when dogs are unable to reduce their body temperature, they could develop heatstroke." said Marie Sawle, founder of Billy + Margot.

"Sadly, Billy is no longer with us but his little sister Margot and new puppy Louis have enthusiastically taken on the role of chief tasters!"

Billy+Margot was launched to widespread publicity at Crufts in March this year and in April had already won best ‘Dog Product of the Year’ at PATS ALF,, was designated Billy + Margot exclusive distributor for the pet industry in April this year and they already supply well over 200 pets shops with these iced treats.

Web surfers watching Dragons’ Den (200,000 are expected to visit on Sunday night alone!) You can read more about these new treats on the site. These will sell all year round and are already proving very popular with dog owners.

All you need do is contact them either by phone on 0845 838 0981 or by email at
Billy + Margot
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