ReJuviance Ibuprofen Creme - Launch Report

Sales results for ReJuviance Ibuprofen Creme were up 400% last month. It is the only ibuprofen creme on the U.S. market...the user adds the active ingredient to the product's transdermal cream.

Sarasota, FL, October 10, 2012 --( ReJuviance Products Corp announced initial sales of their new topical Ibuprofen Crème were up over 400 % last month. It is the only topical ibuprofen crème on the U.S. market. The user adds the active ingredient to the product’s transdermal delivery cream.

“Rejuviance Ibuprofen Crème” --- This is a topical anti-inflammatory combining ReJuviance’s optimized transdermal delivery crème and water-dissolved ibuprofen tablets added by the user. Add water, place tablets in water and after they dissolve in 10 minutes, then stir to blend. Temporarily relieves aches and pains for joints and muscles. “This is one of 10 products we have developed containing topical herbal ingredients that have been validated by western science to be effective in improving skin and hair, with early results very positive,” said John Edwards, Co-founder and President of ReJuviance Products Corp.

ReJuviance Products Corp. develops, manufactures and sells rejuvenating topicals that can safely deliver the herbals across the outer skin barrier to the foundation cells that need them. The product family includes rejuvenating topicals that support conventional skin resurfacing surgery, novel topicals that help the body renew skin or hair without triggering the traumatic wound response mechanism, and products that relieve joint and muscle pain or nutritional deficiencies that cause them.

Pilot Study -- In 2010 a clinical study was performed by a research lab on 20 patients for two weeks using an experimental topical Ibuprofen cream. (That study was not performed on the ReJuviance product which was developed later.) That pilot study showed that treatment of chronic knee pain with the topical ibuprofen preparation of their study (which included 4% ibuprofen) provided comparable clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction as oral ibuprofen in that study. (Pain Physician 2010; 13:457-467)

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