RTI Brings Non-Intrusive Recording of High-Throughput Data, Events and Messages to Distributed Real-Time Systems

Enables post-mortem analysis, regulatory compliance and testing

Santa Clara, CA, July 11, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Real-Time Innovations (RTI), The Real-Time Middleware Experts, today announced the availability of RTI Recorder, a software solution for logging the high-throughput data, events and messages that drive the behavior of distributed real-time applications. Activity recorded by RTI Recorder can be used for future analysis and debugging, regulatory compliance, and replay for testing and simulation purposes.

Real-time applications — such as those used for financial trading; intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance; and combat management — depend on large volumes of data and can also generate large volumes in a very short time period. Because these applications are very latency- and throughput-sensitive, recording critical information without impacting application performance or behavior can be extremely challenging. Consequently, RTI Recorder is designed to be non-intrusive and can record high-rate data arriving in real time while having minimal impact on system behavior. RTI Recorder can record about 15,000 messages per second with a message size of up to 256 bytes (measured on a 2GHz AMD Opteron using a 7,200 RPM hard disk with a Serial ATA interface and a 16MB buffer).

“RTI continues to lead the industry in providing comprehensive infrastructure solutions for real-time, data-driven applications,” said Nikfar Khaleeli, senior product manager at RTI. “By providing an off-the-shelf solution for recording real-time data and events, RTI is allowing its customers to spend more time on innovation while reducing development costs and accelerating time-to-market.”

Uses of RTI Recorder include the following:
· Financial trading – Recording market data, analytic results and trade decisions so that algorithm and real-time performance can be analyzed and optimized, providing playback for testing software and algorithm updates, and demonstrating best execution per regulatory requirements such as Reg NMS and MiFID
· Intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance – Recording data for post-mission analysis, particularly when network connectivity is not available during a mission, is unreliable, or is not of sufficient bandwidth to stream available data in real time
· Combat management – Recording of mission or exercise data for later analysis, testing of system upgrades and optimizations, and simulation

RTI Recorder is tightly integrated with RTI Data Distribution Service, RTI’s solution for high-performance messaging and distributed-data caching. RTI Recorder can record any message, event or data update propagated via RTI Data Distribution Service. Because RTI takes advantage of multicast communication, RTI Recorder can capture information that is already being sent over the network for application purposes. Messages and data updates do not have to be sent redundantly in order to be recorded, minimizing intrusiveness.

Multiple instances of RTI Recorder can be run concurrently to enable recording of extraordinarily high data volumes and to support redundant recording of critical data. Fine-grain control over which data is recorded by each instance is provided. RTI Recorder can also be configured to record a subset of each message and data item, reducing storage requirements and increasing throughput.

In addition to user data, RTI Recorder can log system data and metadata, such as when applications join or leave a system, which Quality-of-Service (QoS) settings each application uses and microsecond-resolution timestamps for each message and data update. This provides tremendous visibility into system behavior and allows developers and system engineers to optimize efforts based on real-world performance.

Recorded data is stored in a platform-independent file format and can be accessed using an included SQL interpreter or converted into popular, interoperable file formats such as Comma Separated Value (CSV).

Availability & Pricing
RTI Recorder is available for $24,000 USD, which includes a license to run a single copy on a CPU and one year of maintenance and support. Contact RTI for volume pricing discounts.

RTI Data Distribution Service is licensed separately. It is available today for many processor and operating-system combinations, including Solaris; Windows, Windows CE and Windows Mobile; Linux; LynuxWorks LynxOS; QNX Neutrino; Wind River VxWorks; and Green Hills integrity operating systems. A complete development package for $84,600 USD includes the following: a comprehensive Architecture Study from an RTI expert who provides written design recommendations based on an evaluation of application requirements, two days of customer-specific training, one week of follow-up consulting, and one year of maintenance and support.

About RTI
Real-Time Innovations (RTI) works in partnership with its customers to develop and integrate the world's most demanding real-time applications. RTI takes the risk out of distributed application development and system integration by providing deep expertise in real-time communications coupled with the highest performance messaging middleware. The company's software and services have been leveraged in a broad range of industries including defense, intelligence, simulation, industrial control, transportation, finance, medical and communications. Founded in 1991, RTI is privately held and headquartered in Santa Clara, CA. For more information, please visit www.rti.com.

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