Margaret Glynatsis’ Recent Appointment as A&R Director of Veal-Steen Music Publishing-Bahamas Division

Bahamian music industry, recording artist and marketer Margaret Glynatsis’ recent appointment as A&R Director of Veal-Steen Music Publishing-Bahamas division.

Melbourne, FL, October 10, 2012 --( With so many closed doors in the Bahamian music industry, recording artist and marketer Margaret Glynatsis’ recent appointment as A&R Director of Veal-Steen Music Publishing-Bahamas division may very well be the key that local artists have been waiting for.

Ms Glynatsis will head the Bahamas talent search for the music label and provide consultation for Bahamian artists and musicians by using their songs in local territories, wherever possible.

“Exposure, opportunity, knowledge—no one has ever offered this to Bahamian musicians and delivered. Focus has always been on getting signed to a music label, and we forget about the business aspect and how musicians can benefit from it,” Ms Glynatsis said.

Veal-Steen Music Publishing, which recently signed Dancehall queen Patra, is a division of LGN Entertainment Distribution Inc., as a premier independent music publisher, licensing, royalty collection, publishing administration and music placement company. Based in Melbourne, Florida, Veal-Steen manages a portfolio of song copyrights, spanning all genres of popular music.

Founder and President of eSounds Marketing, Ms Glynatsis is one half of the popular Bahamian female group NCity. As a songwriter and producer for about six years, she has worked with artists such as Sketch, TaDa and El Padrino. She enjoyed a music career that most up and coming artists take years to cultivate, that is, until a Veal Steen executive discovered her music on YouTube. An email and a few days later, she was signed to a three-year deal as a songwriter and producer, becoming the first Bahamian to sign to a music publishing company.

“I felt proud, knowing that my hard work over the years was finally paying off. It felt great to be able to share that with the ones I love and those who supported me from day one,” Ms Glynatsis said.

Since signing with Veal-Steen, Ms Glynatsis has a larger network, portfolio and platform to showcase her music.

She said there was always someone to answer her questions about copyrights and publishing and job listings to submit her music for major movie productions, television networks and ad agencies. Now, her appointment allows Bahamian artists the same opportunities.

“If you’re up for a film project, we’ll make sure to get you the best possible licensing fee. If you need a top-notch writing collaborator, we’re the matchmakers of music publishing. If you’ve got an album coming out, a single or a record, we’ll see it gets to the film companies to drop into their latest production. If you have a small or mid-size label or film production company, our services are varied and unlimited, from administration and royalty disbursement to soundtrack album services and music supervision,” she said.

Veal-Steen Music Publishing works with the top music supervisors to place music on Fox Sports, ShowTime, MTV, Disney, HBO, USA, TNT, Lions Gate, Miramax, Univision, Hot Import Nights, One Life to Live, ABC, Television, 20 Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Life Time, Paramount Dream Works, Sony Pictures, NBC, The Young and The Restless, CSI New York, SCI Crime Scene Investigation, Entourage, Tyler Perry and many more.
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