Google Map's Street View is Coming Back to Hoboken NJ from 10/8/12 to 10/26/12

Google Maps is now taking Street View Inside Businesses with a new program titled "Google Business Photos" which gives the public the ability to take Virtual Tour of a business online.

Hoboken, NJ, October 10, 2012 --( Google Maps Street View is returning to Hoboken October 8-26 to photograph the interiors of qualified businesses.

Google Maps is now taking Street View Inside Businesses with a brand new program. The official title for this new program is "Google Business Photos" and it gives the public the ability to take a look at the inside of a business as they search and shop online. According to Anthony from Black Paw Photo, a Certified Google Trusted Photographer, only a limited number of businesses can be included during this visit. Interested business owners should register online as soon as possible if they would like to participate in this unique opportunity.

The Shannon Irish Bar, a popular local sports pub, is one of several local businesses in Hoboken that have already added Google Business Photos. To see a complete list of businesses in Hoboken that have added the service and to register your business, please visit:

Using Google Street View technology, Black Paw Photo's team of Certified Google Photographers creates a 360-degree Virtual Tour of a business location beginning on the street and progressing in and throughout the establishment. It works just like Google Street View, but inside the business location. This provides an interactive experience for consumers as they click through, pan 360 degrees up and down, and even zoom in on merchandise, decor, or signs for a closer look. Google Business Photos also includes a set of professional photographs. The Virtual Tour and the set of photos are published on a business owner's Google+ Local page, Google Maps, and on Google Search.

To further increase the exposure for a business, the tour is also embeddable on the Business Owner's website or Facebook Page by simply copying and pasting the code available on Google Maps. Users can also access the Street View Virtual Tour on all Android mobile devices through the Google Maps App.

According to Anthony from Black Paw Photo, "Most new customers will first find a business by "Googling it." The Virtual Tour lets business owners grab a customer's attention with a new feature that invites people to "See Inside." This makes the experience of finding you online memorable and personal, which can increase the likelihood that they will continue to explore your business and become a customer."

"This is a smart investment for business owners because it keeps evolving. Google is constantly releasing new features in Google Maps and Google Search for businesses that have a Google Virtual Tour, and this adds ongoing value to the participants of this program."

Visit to register your business to participate in this program during Black Paw Photo's visit to the Hoboken area between October 8-26. You may also contact Black Paw Photo at (917)574-7292. Only a limited number of business can be included during their trip to Hoboken, so service will be based on scheduling availability.
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Orsi Soos