Biology, Quantum Physics, Energy Medicine, Galvanic Skin Response Combine for Bio-technology

Zyto bio-technology enables healthcare providers to use a computer to communicate directly with a patient’s body. It is based on biology, quantum physics, energy medicine, galvanic skin response, and doctors of all kinds love it.

Orem, UT, July 11, 2007 --( Many different types of health care practitioners are using the latest bio-technology from Zyto Corp. (OTC –, which combines the principles of biology, quantum physics, galvanic skin response, and energy medicine to facilitate meaningful communication between computers and the organs of the human body – bio-communication.

Dr. Todd Waldron of Mountain Springs Wellness in Las Vegas is a chiropractor who is typical of the many healthcare providers who have added Zyto bio-technology to the tools they use to help patients gain better health.

“We use the latest advances in both science and nature to create personalized wellness programs to restore health, beauty and vitality for the individual. Zyto helps us do that more effectively,” explained Waldron.

Zyto Corp is a bio-technology company specializing in bio-information and bio-communication. Using principles of biology, quantum physics, and the science of information the technology can facilitate meaningful communication between computers and living things.

Dr. Christy Russell-Shae of Simply Vibrant in Garden City, NY has added Zyto bio-technology to the healthcare services offered to her patients. “We are utilizing the Zyto health scan as well as international technologies, therapies, and products to help clients regain youth, vitality, and wellness,” explained Russell-Shae.

By combining quantum physics, biology, and information theory Zyto technology provides an interface between living things and computers allowing them to talk to each other, according to company founder and C.E.O. Dr. Vaughn R. Cook, OMD.

“The process of talking with the body can be seen as a stimulus-response exercise. Zyto technology outputs a query, or virtual stressor, and the body responds. In other words, we are asking the body a question and listening to the answer through computer technology,” said Cook.

Jessica Steyn has a wellness clinic in Ft. Collins, CO and is licensed in homeopathy and acupuncture. “I use the Zyto technology to help me design a customized program for each of my patients. My goal is to educate patients how to make simple changes in diet and lifestyle that can have a huge impact on their overall well-being,” she explained.

Dr. Becky L Tanner has added Zyto bio-technology to the healthcare services offered to clients at Naturopathic Health Partnerships in Mesa, AZ.

“We are excited about the addition of Zyto technology to the services we offer,” said Tanner. “Using the Zyto technology we are now able to perform a health scan of the body and obtain the information we need so we can make the best recommendation to improve health. It is quick, easy to administer, and very effective.”

The process is simple to administer. Clients simply place their hand on a sensor that is connected to a computer. A few minutes later the results can be seen on a computer screen, and an assessment can be made, according to Tanner.

The company has a web site at and offers a locator tool to enable interested members of the public find a healthcare facility near them that offers Zyto technology.

About Zyto Corp.
Zyto Corp. was founded by Dr. Vaughn Cook, OMD. The company provides computerized bio-technology equipment and software with clinical applications that include obtaining information from the human body to assist healthcare practitioners to make better decisions.

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