Writer for A Grave Interest Tries Novel Approach to Fund Book

Joy Neighbors, a wine writer, and cemetery blogger for A Grave Interest, is writing a book about the first woman to survive abdominal/ovarian surgery. She has the writing experience, the research ability, and the contacts to help edit and publish the book. What she doesn’t have is the finances. But maybe with a novel approach to funding, she will.

Vincennes, IN, October 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Joy Neighbors discovered the story of medical pioneer Jane Todd Crawford in a rural cemetery. Crawford survived ovarian surgery, in 1809, without anesthesia. Neighbors knew she had to tell this story. Researching ways to finance the project led her to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding site.

Crowdfunding is based on collective efforts of individuals who pool their money together to support an idea. Instead of equity, a funder gets a reward linked to the project. For Neighbors that made sense.

"I come from a public broadcasting background so I understand pledging. This is the same thing; I’m asking you to pledge a certain amount of money in return for a reward of similar or higher value. Unlike PBS, if the specified money isn't raised in the time period stated, none of the backers are charged. My financial goal to do this book includes funds for research, travel, interviews, publishing, rewards, shipping, and taxes for a total of $30,000 to be raised in 40 days," Neighbors said.

So it all comes down to arithmetic; all it would take is 3 backers at $10,000 each or 30 at $1,000 each, or 300 at $100 each, or 1,200 at $25 each.

Neighbors says she doesn’t care how the funding comes in, just as long as she can finally tell Jane’s story and help people become more aware of ovarian cancer. Only three weeks remain for crowd funding to make Jane's story possible.

To read more about the Jane Todd Crawford project, visit http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/janetoddcrawford/jane-todd-crawford
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