Ralph Blum’s Bestselling The Book of Runes is Now Available as an E-Book and Interactive Web App

Ralph S. Blum’s international bestseller, The Book of Runes, has been one of the most consulted oracles for the last several decades. It is now being released as an e-book and interactive web application. Blum will also be conducting a free teleseminar on October 25.

New York, NY, October 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Originally published in 1982 and revised and expanded in 2012 for the E-book Edition, The Book of Runes, traditionally accompanied by a set of stones carved with runic symbols, is used by therapists, counselors, social workers, business professionals and people all around the world. The Book of Runes has become one of the most successful self-help tools of the 20th and 21st Centuries.

In the same spirit as Tarot Cards, the I Ching and the “Magic 8-Ball,” the Runes Oracle is a means of determining what is right action in any situation. A free version of the app includes abbreviated interpretations of each Rune. The set of stones that accompanied the physical book is now digitized as a Web app, a digital mobile oracle – wisdom to go.

Why Are the Runes Special?
The Runes never tell fortunes, nor do they predict future events. Rather, they are a means of communication with the knowledge of your subconscious mind—the part of you that knows everything you need to know to make wise decisions for your life right now. When consulting the Runes Oracle, there is only one rule: Instead of asking a “Yes/No” question, state your concern as an issue. For example, “The Issue is my relationship” or “The Issue is this business matter.” And if you have no specific issue in mind, one question is always appropriate: “What do I need to know for my life right now?” The Runes Oracle will support you in determining for yourself the correct course of action to take whenever you are uncertain or lack sufficient information to act with confidence.

“It's tough to get an appointment with a psychic these days (the good ones are booked months in advance) so it's a relief to know there is an at-home Oracle that's newly available and fairly uncanny. It's called Runes.”
—Vogue Magazine

Runes For the Harry Potter Generation
According to anthropologist Margaret Mead, for an Oracle to endure, it must be of service to at least three consecutive generations. Inspired by “The Study of Ancient Runes” at the Hogwarts School, Harry Potter fans have discovered the Runes all over again. And if you look closely, it appears that the scar on Harry’s forehead is actually Sowelu, the Rune of wholeness.

The E-book version of The Book of Runes is available at all fine E-book purveyors including Kindle for Amazon, iBookstore, Nook for Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Google Books. The Web App is available for free at www.bookofrunes.com. Once you purchase the E-book, you have access to bonus materials including a full version of the web app, and other inside tips and information from author Ralph Blum. A companion online study course, Advanced Runic Wisdom for The Book of Runes, and free live teleseminar with Ralph Blum are scheduled for release in October 2012.

Teleseminar with Ralph Blum

For the first time, Ralph Blum will offer an introductory teleseminar on how to use the Runes as an oracle. It will be offered on Thursday, October 25, at 9 p.m. Eastern/6 p.m. Pacific. Register at http://courses.betterlearn.com/book-of-runes-teleseminar/.

Additional Praise for The Book of Runes

“The Hopi say this is a time when we have to listen to the heart. These Rune stones pave a way to the heart.”
—Carolyn Tawangygyawma, Hopi Spiritual Leader

“Although the answers to our problems are to be found within ourselves, the Runes are a helpful intermediary.”
—Chicago Tribune

“The Runes are one of the world’s great spiritual resources…they always speak to us from the depths of the universe, and from the depths of our own hearts.”
—Marianne Williamson, New York Times best selling author of A Return to Love

Ralph Blum is a writer and cultural anthropologist who has been working with the Runes Oracle since 1977. He is the author of the successful series: The Book of Runes, The Healing Runes and, most recently, The Relationship Runes. He has offered numerous talks and workshops nationwide on the Oracular Tradition and using the Runes Oracle for decision making and self-counseling.

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