American Celiac Disease Alliance Announces New Members

The American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA), recognized for its efforts to improve the nation's food labeling laws, is pleased to announce its new members. Like the other members of the internationally recognized nonprofit, the eight new members represent medical researchers, patient support groups, and food manufacturers. They look forward to new challenges, and working together to improve the lives of those with celiac disease.

Alexandria, VA, July 10, 2007 --( With changes in the nation’s food labeling laws, the internationally recognized organization looks forward to new challenges.

The American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA), recognized for its efforts to improve the nation’s food labeling laws, today announced the addition of eight new members to the organization. The ACDA welcomes these esteemed leaders to its current roster of influential members, each committed to strengthening the Alliance’s ability to carry out its mission of advocating for policy change that improves the lives of those with celiac disease.

“The addition of these members is clear evidence of the rise in both awareness and education of celiac disease,” said ACDA President, Beth Hillson. “Until recently, the millions of Americans with celiac disease have largely been ignored, but we are making great strides. I am confident that these new members will help us bring even great attention to the cause.”

Only four years ago celiac disease was little-known in the United States. This genetic autoimmune disorder was thought to be rare, affecting a mere 1 in 10,000 Americans. Research has proven the prevalence is actually 1 in 133, meaning nearly 3 million Americans suffer from the disease. Ninety-seven percent of those suffering remain undiagnosed. Celiac disease is triggered by eating gluten, the protein in wheat, barley and rye.

The ACDA’s new members, like the organization’s founding members, are leaders in their respective fields and include:

Enjoy Life Natural Brands™ (ELNB) was founded in early 2001 with the mission of making great-tasting gluten-free and allergy-friendly foods that most everyone can eat freely. Company founder Scott Mandell started ELNB after writing the company’s business plan as part of a class assignment for the MBA program at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The company owns and operates two brands: Enjoy Life Foods and Perky’s 100% Natural.

Foods by George was founded in 1991 by George Chookazian, a 1993 graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, shortly after his future wife was diagnosed with celiac disease. A wholesale bakery with a passion for food, Foods By George operates a 100% gluten-free facility and offers a variety of products from English Muffins to pizza, and dessert items.

GlutenFree Passport® is a health education company dedicated to enriching gluten-free lifestyles worldwide. The company’s internationally acclaimed book series, Let’s Eat Out! Your Passport to Living Gluten and Allergy Free, is dedicated to eating out and travelling while managing gluten, and the eight most common allergens. GlutenFree Passport® has also been recognized by over 125 organizations and media outlets worldwide, and is the recipient of the Export Achievement Award from the US Department of Commerce.

Kimball Genetics is a national DNA diagnostic laboratory specializing in testing for common genetic disorders that are preventable or can be treated. Celiac disease is a key area of focus for the company. Its celiac disease DNA testing service has a unique one-day turnaround time for testing of cheek cells, and in depth genetic counseling for patients, families, and physicians.

Pamela’s Products has been setting the standard in great tasting, all natural, gluten-free foods for more than 20 years. From delectable cookies, versatile baking mixes that bake up in a snap, and crunchy biscotti, to beautiful packaging and easy to navigate website, Pamela's Products means indulgence. Pamela’s Products is one of the top selling brands of natural food cookies and baking mixes.

The Savory Palate, Inc. is a publishing and consulting firm founded by Carol Fenster, Ph.D. Fenster has authored seven gluten-free cookbooks and develops gluten-free products for food manufacturers. The company also consults with research and governmental groups around the world on the use of gluten-free grains in cooking.

The Westchester Celiac Sprue Support Group (WCSSG) founded in 1992, serves the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The pioneering patient support group launched the Gluten Free Restaurant Awareness Program with specifically designed reference materials, meal preparation guidelines, and sources for gluten-free foods to facilitate relationships between individuals with celiac disease and restaurants that understand their dietary needs.

The William K. Warren Medical Research Center for Celiac Disease, located at the University of California San Diego, was funded in part by a $2.5 million research grant from the Oklahoma-based William K. Warren Foundation. The mission of the Center is to advance the knowledge of Celiac Disease pathogenesis and to develop novel diagnostic and therapeutic advances

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About the ACDA

The American Celiac Disease Alliance (ACDA) was established in March 2003 to provide leadership on policy issues affecting the lives of individuals with celiac disease, an inherited autoimmune disorder affecting children and adults. The non-profit organization is recognized internationally for its role in advocating on behalf of all segments of the celiac community.


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