Over 300 Hundred Alpacas Take Over the Lake County Fairgrounds for a Weekend of Family Friendly Fun and Fiber at the Illinois Alpaca Show

The premier Alpaca Show of the fall will take place October 27 & 28th at the Lake County Fairgrounds in Grayslake, IL.

Grayslake, IL, October 12, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Illinois Alpaca Show (www.illinoisalpacashow.com), a free event, invites young and old to come and enjoy getting to know the incredible alpaca. Known as the “Huggable” investment, alpacas will be on parade in a judged competition Sat October 27 and Sunday October 28. 100 farms from as far away as Arizona and New York, bring over 300 of the best alpacas in the country to the competition.

In addition to alpacas and judging, a variety of vendors will be on hand with something for everyone. From handmade alpaca items, alpaca yarn and other specialty alpaca items to home, craft and gift items no one will walk away front the Lake County fairgrounds without being satisfied. This is truly a family experience that will last forever. The doors open to the public Saturday October 27 from 9am-4pm and Sunday from 8am to 2pm. Ongoing short seminars will further educate about alpacas.

What is an alpaca?
Alpacas, cousins to the llama, are native to the Andean Mountain range of South America, particularly Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. Alpacas were first imported into the United States in 1984. Since then, the alpaca industry has grown steadily, according to the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association (AOBA), the parent organization of the alpaca industry.

The Alpaca livestock Industry continues to grow even in a tough economy.

There are two types of alpacas in the United States. Distinguishes by their two types of fiber, the Huacaya (wa-Ki’-ah) is the more common of the two and has a fluffy, extremely fine coat. The Suri has fiber that is silky and resembles pencil-locks.

Adult alpacas stand at approximately 36 inches at the withers and generally weigh between 120 and 180 pounds. Alpacas are alert, intelligent, curious, and predictable. Social animals that seek companionship, they communicate most commonly by softly humming. Alpacas are shorn, without harm, every twelve to eighteen months and produced five to ten pounds of luxurious fiber. Because of its soft texture, alpaca fiber is sometimes compared to cashmere. Making the fiber even more coveted, it has the luster of silk. Alpaca is warmer than wool, yet 1/3 the weight of wool to achieve that warmth. It comes in 22 natural colors, yet can be dyed any desired shade. Containing no lanolin, alpaca fiber is also naturally hypoallergenic. Most people who are sensitive to wool find that they can wear alpaca without the itching or irritation.

For further information, contact Patti Jennings at 815-482-1298, patti@illinoisalpacashow.com
Illinois Alpaca Show
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