Your Time Publishing, LLC Author Shadé Ashani Donates Her Memoir “In Search Of My Father” to WYES Auction Action

Author Shadé Ashani has donated her debut book "In Search Of My Father" to WYES Auction Action. Along with a signed copy of the title, Ms. Ashani will also perform a reading or discussion for the winning bidder.

New Orleans, LA, October 12, 2012 --( Auction Action is scheduled for October 12 and 13, 6pm CST, on Cox channel 12, New Orleans.

Shade Ashani is a Columbia University English department graduate who is currently pursuing a Master's in Public Health at Tulane University in the city of New Orleans. She has worked extensively in the field of HIV/AIDS prevention, is a Goodwill Ambassador to the Gambia and founded the non-profit organization, Kids International. She is a Christian and the proud sister to four siblings. The memoir, “In Search of My Father,” is her first work.

Shade currently speaks at churches, conferences, workshops, women's and youth groups and other events regarding healing from fatherlessness, sexual assault prevention and recovery and her testimony. She is a member of the RAINN Speakers Bureau.

In Search Of My Father

This is my story… As I remember it. My reality, my distorted perspective through the lens of trauma. My sparkling joys and darkest, most painful miseries. My strife. My secrets and fall from grace into a rape treatment facility and the unbelievably difficult climb through depression back to self-love and faith. My father used to say that there simply isn't enough time in life to make all the mistakes in the world ourselves; we must learn from each other if we wish to advance as a human race. In response, I offer, “In Search of My Father”, hoping that fathers might begin to know how vital their presence is in their children’s lives. If others are inspired to create healthy parent-child relationships or accept their fathers even sooner than I did, then every word was worth writing. This is my story, my own self-help book. But above all else, this is the truth of a broken little girl who grew into a compassionate young woman, one who spent far too much time in search of her father.


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