Senior's Got Talent: Improving Seniors' Well-Being Through Pro-Active Writing Online

Online writing contest designed to motivate mental exercise, establish social connections, and increase public awareness.

Toronto, Canada, July 12, 2007 --( The rising sector of senior psychosocial issues is clamouring for more efforts to stimulate and connect with our ever increasing elderly population. The Internet has long been proposed as an ideal medium for such endeavors. Yet, seniors that are most in need can rarely benefit because of the lack of incentives. As a result, the collaborative seniors website is hosting an online writing contest to encourage and engage seniors to pro-actively contribute and participate in an online community.

Many studies in the past have suggested there are benefits of mental exercise and social interaction for seniors. In 2003, for example, a 6-year longitudinal study with older adults by researchers from University of Manitoba have shown that everyday activities, such as reading and writing, provide seniors with a sense of engagement with life. Another trial with older adults by researchers from Duke University Medical Center suggest frequent Internet use has a positive psychosocial impact. Given the mounting evidence of rewards, it is surprising that so little efforts have been made to promote active involvement with online seniors. Certainly, there are those few that go online to blog or use MySpace. Still, many elderly people remain passive participants online, if at all.

The goal of this online writing contest at is simple. It aims to challenge seniors in a simple, everyday activity of writing to stimulate mental exercise, establish social connections, and increase public awareness. The winner of the contest will be selected with votes by the readers. Everyone, young or old, can get involved in this contest at

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Paul Lam