New Leader 50™ BMG Rifle Manufactured by MICOR® Defense, Inc. to Hit Market in Early 2013

MICOR® Receiving First Order Reservations and Entering Production for Leader 50™

Decatur, AL, October 13, 2012 --( The much anticipated Leader 50™ BMG Rifle manufactured by MICOR® Defense, Inc. is scheduled to hit the market in early 2013. The company has begun receiving order reservations for the Leader 50™, which is now entering the production phases.

Designed by Charles St. George, the Leader 50™ is significantly more compact and lightweight than other .50 BMG products currently on the market measuring just 39” long with a 24” barrel and weighing less than 20 pounds dry/empty. It maintains an average velocity of 2,800 feet per second using standard M33 ball ammo and a 24 inch barrel compared to other products on the market that have a barrel length of 29 inches. This smaller size provides the versatility for the rifle to be discharged from positions other than prone unlike other weapons in this caliber currently on the market. Its gas operated action and ten round magazine allows for multiple shots on rapidly moving targets while minimizing muzzle climb and generating less recoil than a M1 Garand semi-auto .30-06 Springfield battle rifle.

The Leader 50™ is priced at $9,995 with a deposit of $1,999. Order reservations are being accepted through the MICOR® Defense, Inc. website, and special vendor pricing is available for qualifying vendors. The company plans to release various optional accessories for the weapon, including BIPOD and scope.

About MICOR® Defense, Inc.
In addition to the Leader 50™, MICOR® Defense, Inc. also manufactures a line of flash suppressors. The MICOR® flash suppressors reduce muzzle flash and climb. This revolutionary flash suppressor technology has also been fully integrated into the patented MICOR® M2HB .50 barrel designed for the M2 machine gun. These products are distributed online at
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