Musiq Soulchild’s Publisher Donates Book Sales to Breast Cancer Awareness

Seattle, WA, October 13, 2012 --( Musiq Soulchild and his publisher, DIP Publishing House, are dedicating a portion of their book sales to breast cancer awareness this month. 1 4 3 — Love According to Musiq offers a platform for individuals and those in love to develop a lasting and effective dialog for the betterment of individuals and relationships alike.

Soulchild and his publisher decided to donate 15% of their book sales this month to to support programs helping women with breast cancer. In 2011, Soulchild’s video “Yes” helped raise awareness about breast cancer by portraying the singer standing by a girlfriend during the roughest parts of her breast cancer treatment, from the actual surgery to the hair cutting and recovery process.

Currently, breast cancer is the second-most fatal cancer among African-American women and many studies show the outcome for treatment could be significantly improved by creating easier access to mammograms and early diagnosis for this population.

As an ambassador in the fight against breast cancer, Soulchild encourages women to seek treatment as soon as possible and to share their stories to create greater awareness in their community.

“I stand with you, with all of my love and support. Be encouraged - 143!” Soulchild said.

1 4 3 — Love According to Musiq is currently available through bookstores and online.

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Since 2000, the National Breast Cancer Foundation has been the primary beneficiary of The Breast Cancer Site’s “Click Here To Give” program and donations generated by shopping at The Breast Cancer Site store. grants to NBCF funded a nationwide program underwriting free mammogram services at clinics and hospitals. NBCF receives between $500,000 and $600,000 annually from and The Breast Cancer Site, making possible thousands of free mammograms throughout the United States.

In addition, Patient Access Network Foundation and UM Comprehensive Cancer Center used grants to pay for medications, wigs, and other out-of-pocket expenses not covered by patients’ insurance, while the nonprofit Hope For Two used a grant to expand their program of providing information and support to women undergoing treatment while pregnant. In January 2012, gave $100,000 to Mayo Clinic for breast cancer research.

The Breast Cancer Site is part of the larger "Click Here To Give" GreaterGood Network that allows individuals to support their favorite causes daily with a click.

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