Tasker Payment Gateways Opens Its Doors to Timeshare Merchants in Florida and Nationwide

Merchant accounts and payment gateway solutions are typically unattainable to eCommerce companies in the timeshare business. No longer do they need to despair. Florida payment gateway solutions are now possible for time-share resellers.

South Portland, ME, October 14, 2012 --(PR.com)-- For a small business in the time-shares industry, it's not always easy to take credit cards online. Oftentimes timeshare resellers fall into a category "unqualified to accept credit cards for payment." Tasker Payment Gateways is now available to timeshare merchants everywhere for guidance and solutions in the realm of credit card processing.

For many startups and businesses, the subject of ecommerce payment processing can be a complex subject that can prove to be difficult to understand. There are many options in the Internet world related to Florida payment gateways and online shopping carts. Tasker Payment Gateways can take the complexity out of it. Matthew Tasker, CEO/Founder, explains, "Timeshare resellers need specific solutions that are going to fit in well with established procedures and make things easier rather than more complicated. That is where we come in. We help them find the right ecommerce credit card processing solution and have it affordable at the same time."

For time-share merchants, this is good news. According to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA), "$70 Billion Added to U.S. Economy by Timeshare Industry" means this industry is no small potatoes. Timeshare resellers oftentimes are considered as unqualified because they typically incur more chargebacks than their qualified counterparts. In the eyes of Florida credit card processors, that means that these same resellers are more "risky", and therefore less desirable to offer an account to. This puts these merchants into a category that encourages banks and the credit card processors to charge unreasonable fees and high rolling reserves.

Florida timeshare resellers (and timeshare resellers all over the Nation) should be diligent when searching for a merchant account. With a recent report in the early part of this year showing that Florida holds nearly 25% of all timeshare resorts in the United States and that Florida is the upcoming tourism market that is growing by leaps and bounds in that state, that represents a whole lot of opportunity for resellers. Timeshare resellers looking to start ecommerce credit card processing are often at a loss as to how to start. That is why Tasker Payment Gateways recently announced their decision to offer affordable payment gateway solutions to this industry.

For a long time, merchants who are interested in reselling timeshares have gotten a bad rap. Even though there have been some positive changes that make it a little easier for timeshare resellers to open a merchant account and obtain payment gateway software, these same businesses should be careful to shop around and find someone who will take the time to explain things -- someone who is going to be helpful rather than just wanting to make a sale.

Tasker Payment Gateways enjoys taking the time with both clients and potential clients to ensure they understand the ins and outs of credit card processing. The Company's philosophy is that the more information that resellers who are wishing to delve into selling timeshares online have, the more informed they will become. In many ways this one factor has kept customers continuing business for the long-term due to this very small piece of investment that Tasker Payment Gateways has made.

About the Company: Tasker Payment Gateways is a Maine-based payment gateway reseller that strives to help whether you are a small business who knows nothing of online shopping carts, or a well-seasoned internet guru simply looking for the best Authorize.net gateway reseller. We pride ourselves on being the only place you need to be when looking for a way to take credit cards online, and offer the most popular payment gateways, pre-configured and fully integrated with all credit card types so you can be up and running day quickly, and inexpensively.
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