Dw Dunphy Introduces New Album “The Radial Night”

November release is first vocal recording in three years.

Red Bank, NJ, October 16, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The Radial Night is slated to debut in November, 2012. Dunphy marks the album as his first with vocals since 2009’s Enigmatic. “You sing when you have something to say,” Dunphy cryptically said of the post-Enigmatic releases, all instrumental.

The forthcoming album, The Radial Night via Introverse Music, is a collection of tracks that Dunphy proudly calls a concept album. “Just about every tune deals with coping with patterns, loops, or cyclical behaviors,” Dunphy said. “Think about psychology and you’re really looking at how we invite patterns into our lives and how we are often ruled and trapped by them.”

The album unabashedly embraces musical ideas like reoccurring themes, leitmotif, and structure. “When there is an overall goal or idea, the nice thing is that one does not have to suffer too much to see how this piece relates to that piece, or how this angle pairs up with that one. And it happens in natural ways, so it isn’t some boring thesis about the circular nature of modern life, or some other thing to put you to sleep,” Dunphy added.

The album provides the big rock moments Dunphy has always enjoyed like “Sink Into The Sea” and “Mr. Burning Suit,” but doesn’t neglect the softer side with “Another Distant Island” and the title cut from the album. “'The Radial Night,' the song, is from the perspective of one who has been through one too many failed relationships, and in the presence of a possible new one gives up on it in a pre-emptive way.” Dunphy stated that attitude is uncommon for most popular music artists, but goes on to say The Radial Night just is not that kind of album.

Other tracks include the pop song “Head Without A Heart” and the nod to 1980’s new wave “(It Shouldn’t Be So) Difficult” but the writer/multi-instrumentalist said that even with the sonic diversity in play, the record sits as a unique whole. “It has a singular point to make and comes at it from a lot of angles – but it holds together very well, and listeners will hear a lot of themselves in it,” Dunphy said.
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