New Church Rating and Church Social Networking Website Debuts at

New website allows clients to submit church ratings and reviews to churches of any denomination.

Orlando, FL, October 16, 2012 --( Do you wish you had a place to review, share, and voice concerns in a caring community? was founded in July 2012 with the purpose of effectively and efficiently rating and reviewing worldwide churches of any denomination to improve the overall worship experience. MyChurchview is committed to the task of intelligently reviewing places of worship by rendering a safe and nonjudgmental forum to do so and additionally to provoke discussion and dialogue about the LW Factor (the love and warmth factor).

MyChurchview believes that we come to a church to experience God and experience the love and warmth from others as no man/woman is an island. How warm are the members toward first time visitors or visitors of a different faith? How is one to know what to expect upon visiting a church for the first time? MyChurchview also makes it clear that a prospective visitor should not be left up to chance to guess which church to attend and how the atmosphere is there upon arrival.

Clients can rate churches on a scale of one star to five stars. The number of stars is based on the warmth reception level of members toward first time attendees. The client is then given the option to add text comments and concerns before submitting a complete church rating. This helps those who might be looking for a church home or just those who want to voice their praises and/or concerns about their church in a loving community. MyChurchview is dedicated to providing a comprehensive quality assurance forum for worship leaders, clients, and visitors alike. is free for everyone to use If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mychurchview at
Anthony Chandler