New Billiards Book, Pool Wars Just Released from Great Pool Veteran Jay Helfert

Author and billiards veteran, Jay Helfert is pleased to announce his new book, Pool Wars: On the Road to Hell and Back with the World's Greatest Money Players.

Torrance, CA, October 17, 2012 --( Pool Wars is a no holds barred look at the world of hustling pool, as told by someone who lived the life for many years. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. This is a non-fiction account told first hand by someone who was there.

Jay Helfert is and has been successful as a pool player, a road warrior, a card player, a stake horse, a gambler, a pool room owner, an entrepreneur, a tournament director, a television commentator, a consultant for film and television as well as a promoter and producer of major professional tournaments. In the pool world, he has been one very busy man.

Don’t expect for these stories to be sugar-coated because they are an exact accounting of Jay’s genuine experiences, and he brings readers to each story up close and personal. As a seasoned veteran of the pool world, the experiences Jay shares here will keep them on the edge of their seat from the first page to the last.

Pool lovers who want to see the chronology and evolution of a person who lived and breathed pool as most people have only dared dream, then read this book from cover to cover. Pool Wars encompasses forty years of pool history and Jay’s ‘tell it like it is’ style will have readers rooted to their chair.

People will feel as if their there with him, fading the harrowing experiences, making the bets, winning and losing, learning from the con men of long ago. It’s the never ending excitement of one realistic experience after another.

Pool Wars is sure to stimulate and rekindle pool players’ desire to seek the thrilling excitement shared by Jay chapter after chapter. Now sit back, relax and enjoy Pool Wars.

Book Information:
Pool Wars: On the Road to Hell and Back with the World's Greatest Money Players
Author: Jay Helfert
Publisher: Poolroom Publishing
ISBN: 978-1475925913
Pages: 168
Published: June 2012

About The Author:
Jay Helfert has spent a lifetime in the sport of pool; as a player, writer, gambler, tournament organizer and television analyst. He has seen and played with all the best players of the last forty years.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the author at:

Jay Helfert

Pool Wars is available for purchase online through the author’s website, from the publisher,, and other online retailers. Bookstores should contact Ingram for wholesale orders.
Jay Helfert