Propylene Purification Units Can Aid Polypropylene Plants to Increase Margins

Intratec’s recent publication unveils the attractiveness of constructing a propylene splitter inside polypropylene plants in the US Gulf Coast.

Houston, TX, October 17, 2012 --( In its most recent publication, Intratec Solutions LLC (, a Houston publisher and chemical process consulting firm, scrutinizes the purification of low purity propylene streams containing large amounts of propane into polymer grade (PG) propylene, the most pure grade available, analyzing a purification unit inside a polypropylene plant. Also, a comparison of constructing such unit inside refineries is included.

According to the report, PG propylene consumers are constructing propylene/propane separation units to become more competitive and to diversify their raw material supplier base and production cost structure. In fact, in July 2012, Braskem, a major petrochemical player, acquired the propylene/propane splitter assets at the Marcus Hook refinery, Pennsylvania, to generate PG propylene for its polypropylene plant.

The publication presents a purification unit installed in a 400 kta polypropylene plant. In the US Gulf Coast, the estimated CAPEX for such improvement unit is evaluated in USD 67 million. China presents the lowest CAPEX and OPEX, followed by the USA and Germany, respectively.

The study also points out that in comparison to refineries, polypropylene manufacturing plants do not have the advantage of excess low-level heat sources available, as well as a supply of cooling water, which minimizes additional utilities supply units installation. However, the attractiveness of the improvement in polypropylene units is proven by the internal rate of return of more than 30% in the US Gulf Coast.

Use of Propylene Splitter to Improve Polypropylene Business is part of the Improvement Economics Program (IME), and is available at established distribution channels like and HP Magcloud. The report is also offered in digital format at Intratec’s website, at an introductory price of US$ 399. A preview of the publication can be found at:

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