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Screaming Bee Inc

Screaming Bee Offers Customized Voice Morphing to Online Communities

Screaming Bee creates voice morphing packages designed for specific online communities. The custom services offered by the company can provide each user with a unique voice to match their online avatar.

Middleton, WI, July 12, 2007 --( Screaming Bee LLC announces the release of a series of add-ons that work with MorphVOX Pro, designed to bring custom voice morphing to online worlds. Initially, the add-ons will be created with active feedback from communities in Second Life®. Screaming Bee is also offering voice customization services for any user who needs a unique sound to their avatar or online character.

“In order to meet the demands of each online community, it is important that we provide voice content relevant not only to the genres, but to the individuals in that world,” explains Mark Ramirez, CEO for Screaming Bee. “Everyone has a unique character or graphical avatar and therefore would benefit from a distinctive voice. We are actively working with various individuals in these communities to create voice morphing packages that will meet their specific needs.”

First in the series, Furry Voices for Second Life, an add-on for MorphVOX Pro software, can provide residents with voices to match animal avatars commonly seen in the 3D virtual world. The animal voices in this add-on include Cat, Fox, Squirrel and more. The content for this voice pack was designed and developed with significant input from members of Luskwood Creatures in Second Life.

Not only is Screaming Bee offering community-specific add-ons, but also voice customization services. Any person can request to have a voice uniquely designed to fit with their online character. This service is available on the Screaming Bee website and in-world where voice chat is enabled.

Screaming Bee LLC

Based in Middleton, Wisconsin, Screaming Bee is a leading provider of voice software and solutions for online games, VoIP and multimedia applications. Screaming Bee's high-quality voice morphing technology is used in online games. Gamers can now have voices to match their in-game characters.

The flagship product, MorphVOX Pro, can be used to morph an existing audio file or record a voice directly to file. Studios that use this tool can save time and potentially thousands of dollars by creating multiple voices from existing stock audio or a single voice talent. MorphVOX Pro is used by professionals in a number of fields, including education, radio broadcasting, and animation.

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Luskwood Creatures is Second Life's first, oldest and original furry/anthropomorphic avatar design group. Luskwood Creatures has created over 350 avatar styles and has sold over 37,000 avatars in their four years of experience in Second Life.

As SL's pioneering avatar design group, Luskwood Creatures is a leader in design, functionality, and avatar modeling expertise. All of Luskwood's avatars are fully customizable and modifiable to match the personality and identity you wish to create.

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