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TMCL Container Line to Implement Quantum’s NVOCC Package, Q-NVO

Bangalore, India, July 13, 2007 --(PR.com)-- TMCL Container Line, a neutral non asset based shipping line providing FCL services, has selected Quantum Business Solutions’ Q-NVO application to support and enhance its business model worldwide.

The Q-NVO is a fully integrated system catering to NVOCC’s specific needs while leveraging modern technology and advanced features. It will support TMCL’s growing business by providing a seamless platform of interaction for all offices and agencies alike and by simplifying all activities from customer/vendor management to receivables/payables.

Jan Rydgren-Knudsen, MD of TMCL Container Line underlines that the process from system specifications through the development phase has been extensive, challenging as well as constructive.

Quantum has all the way documented relevant knowledge about, and experience from, the container business and its operation. At the same time they have also been positively responding to suggestions and requirements to enhance their application to TMCL’s operating methodology.

They are now eager to have the system lodged, and it goes without saying that they have great expectations for the new system to simplify and enhance present working processes and procedures, affirmative Quantum Business Solutions shall undoubtedly contribute to TMCL Container Line’s future growth and success.

Quantum’s MD & CEO Arjun Vikram-Singh added “We are very pleased to be working with TMCL and the associated partners in their quest for a next generation IT solution. It is a great experience to actively partner with a company with high expectations and standards in their evolution as a core NVOCC company. Quantum has designed and built the Q-NVO specifically for this business model, bringing efficiencies through integration and automation. We are confident that TMCL will benefit significantly in terms of competitive advantage and profitability by using it across all offices.”

About TMCL Container Line

TMCL Container Line which was established in 2005 is at present in a very expansive phase growing its operation and services on a global scale.

The company is working with exclusive and dedicated agents around the world. With its ambitions to expand further, TMCL is in the process of appointing agents in the areas beyond the main trade lanes. TMCL aims at offering first class global services being time and cost effective representing values to its customers.

The head office of TMCL Container Line is located in Antwerp, Belgium.

For more information, kindly visit http://www.tmcl.eu/

About Quantum Business Solutions

Quantum Business Solutions is a global firm providing innovative technology-enabled services for the transportation industry. With 150 years of practical transportation knowledge, a combination of vast experience in strategy and analysis, a deep understanding of systems, processes and technological expertise, its ability to apply this knowledge to a recognized need category and the talent to generate innovative concepts, sets it apart from other service-providers.

Its current portfolio comprises of 8 targeted products for Shipping Agencies, Liner Principals, Short-Sea Operators, NVOCC’s and Forwarders. Quantum has offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia and India. For more information, kindly visit http://www.quantum-bso.com

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